The TRUE Secret to Ageless Living

The TRUE Secret to Ageless Living
over 3 years ago

There are endless articles and ads on maintaining youth. But the real secret comes from within - the brain truly is the most important organ!

When you were young, no doubt you recall feeling that 70, 50 or even 35 was very very old! Then suddenly you are that age – yes it is inevitable (and it’s a good thing because we are still alive!)

Not only did I think I’d never hit 60 (gulp) but even more amazing – I didn’t imagine that at 61 that I would feel as good as I did at 31 and continue to be excited about life and what each day brings! Now that I have reached this ‘ripe old age’ I think I have earned the right to share a few tips for what I like to call ‘reverse aging’!

1. CHECK IN ON YOUR ATTITUDE. If you are counting down every weekday until the weekend, or even worse every year or month until retirement, STOP NOW! If you don’t love what you are doing – make a change. I decided at 48 that I wanted to do something where I made a difference – so I jumped ship on the corporate life. If that seems drastic commit to finding one thing each day that brings you joy.

2. MOVE your body every day. What? You’ve heard this before? This tried & true advice doesn’t change as technology advances. Some people will never love to exercise or even develop the discipline to go for a walk on a frigid day. At absolute minimum instead of sprawling on the couch with the TV on, get yourself on the floor and stretch for 15 minutes – it’s better than nothing.

3. BREATHE deeply and into the belly. Learn how here. (Maybe while on the floor; see #2 above). I learned recently that the Mayo Clinic says this is the #1 strategy we can adopt to improve our health! So drop your shoulders down from your ears, put your hand on your belly and have at it. Do this 3-4 times a day for 15 seconds while you clear & refresh your thoughts.

4. SHOP THE PERIPHERY OF THE GROCERY STORE, filling your cart with fresh veggies, fruit and lean proteins. Not only does processed food NOT nourish our cells, it often contains toxins that we really don’t want to be putting into our body. Again small changes are better than nothing, so start with small changes. Read the label – if there are more than 7 ingredients, put it back. Also be wary of the term “all natural”. If it’s in a box in the freezer can it possibly be natural? Don’t be fooled by this unregulated terminology.

The TRUE Secret to Ageless Living

Choose Real Food!

5. SCARE YOURSELF. I honestly believe that this is the #1 factor in ageless living! I consistently push myself to try things that are difficult for me. Like writing this article. If you have an open, non-judgmental mindset and make a point of learning new skills, exploring a topics new to you, laughing, having a purpose and making an impact you will be delighted with the outcome.

What will happen is that you will look in the mirror some day soon, and be surprised at the face looking back and marvel at how amazing you feel! Who the heck is that person with greying hair and smile wrinkles? Instead of lamenting blow yourself a kiss & get on with your amazing day!

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