Update of Kiening Personal Analysis to 2.0 !

Update of Kiening Personal Analysis to 2.0 !

I have just taken the personality test on your site.

Since today the new Kiening personality analysis is online. The 2.0 version has 5 more questions and a better evaluation. Based on the twelve original motives throws of more than 1700 results.

A sophisticated mathematical algorithm runs in the background providing an in-depth analysis based on only 25 questions. Often, our test customers very surprised at the results and how exactly we take the personality of the client.

So we have recently confirmed some feedback:

Simply unbelieveable - the result.

How does such a thing as you can literally create a mirror image with the responses from only 25 questions?

Marcel H.

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Many people are currently looking for a new orientation and support will help ensure this test. In particular, the development of the concept of adult organization needs as a basis, an analysis tool for self-reflection.

Therefore, it was also added in 2.0 the original motives in the evaluation of the adult form. In our Online Coaching, find out what yoe realy realy want! the personality analysis is also included.

The 12 original motives are also part of our concept of Wesensgerechtigkeit. Many people make in their work to rule. We've all experienced that even if the task is not right for us, or do not agree on the framework, the motivation is less than if everything fits.

The personal enthusiasm for the work depends on many factors. In particular, if we do a job like us everything goes easy on the hand, full of enthusiasm and joy. Regardless of Master letters or other written documents. We create with the least effort the highest possible output.

This requires a change in the past-oriented view of resumes. Some people work in a learned profession even though they have very different later discovered talents, and work as a self-taught privately for their interests. Yes, we even go so far that anyone coming out of production, can be better for administrative activities, marketing or controlling, as someone who has studied these issues.

1 / 3 of precious life time spent by the person in the work. Many are not aware, and so they go somewhere for a job in order to earn money for their life. The true vocation they meet privately in the voluntary work, in clubs and on various hobbies.

So lost a lot of energy is not just for the economy and business, but the worker "wasted" much of his life energy in the worst case turns the energy even to him. He is sick and is "finally" at least for a time from his unpleasant work, free. Burnout and depression are in our opinion, the cause of an activity that is not really really suits us.

Try it with the Kiening personality analysis. The test is not free, but with 14.90 .- € in frame.

Already in the books' FISH on Sales! " and "Top in sale - The Kiening strategy" by Alexander Kien an excerpt of this personality test is published. 15 questions in these books give a rough self-evaluation. In the new book "The world needs us" (German: Die Welt braucht uns!) Release October 2010, a short excerpt is published also.

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