Three Common Injuries from Falling on Ice

Three Common Injuries from Falling on Ice

Snow is falling and it may be covering up some ice that when we slip on could cause some painful injuries!

Below are three of the most common injuries that may result from a slip on the ice:

Wrist Breaks and Fractures

The tendency of many people when a slip on the ice occurs is to break their fall with their hands. This protects the head and face, but often results in broken wrists. The radius is the largest bone in the forearm, most often broken closest to the wrist. Fractured wrists can usually be treated non surgically, generally with splints and casts. In more serious or complex breaks, surgery may be required to correctly position and stabilize damaged bones.

Physiotherapy is a rehabilitation form of health care that can help people live through and function through many injuries and chronic conditions.

Rotator Cuff Injuries and Shoulder Separation

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If a slip on the ice results in a hard landing on the shoulder rather than the hands, a shoulder injury may occur to the rotator cuff muscles or bones. The collarbone and shoulder blade meet at the acromioclavicular joint; the surrounding ligaments serve to stabilize this joint. When a direct impact occurs, the connective ligaments may be torn, separating the collarbone from the associated shoulder bones (a shoulder separation) or cause a tear in the rotator cuff muscles.

Slings, cold packs, medicines, and other non surgical treatments may be sufficient to restore the affected bones and ligaments following injuries from falling on ice. If persistent symptoms of pain or structural deformity remain, surgery may be recommended.

Herniated Spinal Discs

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Landing on your back following a slip on the ice can result in spinal injuries. A common injury from falling flat on your back is a herniated disc of the spine. A traumatic impact can tear the outer part of the disk or cause the disc to be displaced, resulting in serious lower back pain or buttocks pain.

With this injury in mind, one question remains: what to do after falling on your back?

The answer is to seek medical attention. Your doctor or specialist will determine if anti-inflammatory medications, physical manipulation, physical therapy, or surgery (such as a disc replacement) will be the most effective solution to your herniated disc.

If you’ve experienced injuries from falling on ice, Parkway Back and Foot Clinic is the leading pain management clinic in Oakville and can offer you the most effective and attentive care available and/or make the proper recommendations.