Planter Wart Removal – What Are They?

Planter Wart Removal – What Are They?

Plantar Warts can cause real frustration. If you are suffering from a Plantar wart, our Chiropodist is trained to help.

What are Planter Warts

Plantar Warts appear on the soles of the feet. They are caused by specific types of human papillomavirus (HPV). Plantar Warts develop when HPV enters small breaks on the bottom of the foot and causes abnormal cell growth. The wart may be tan, pink, flesh-colored, or white. Plantar Warts are usually flat. Touching the wart and then touching another area of the body can cause plantar warts to spread.

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Planter Warts

Plantar Wart signs and symptoms:

• A small, fleshy, rough, grainy growth (lesion) on the bottom of your foot, usually the base of the toes and forefoot or the heel

• Hard, thickened skin (callus) over a well-defined "spot" on the skin, where a wart has grown inward

• Black pinpoints, which are commonly called wart seeds but are actually small, clotted blood vessels

• A lesion that interrupts the normal lines and ridges in the skin of your foot

• Pain or tenderness when walking or standing

• Often located over areas of pressure or bony point such as the heel and ball of the foot

• Usually flat because of pressure


When Plantar Warts cause pain, you may alter your normal posture or gait — perhaps without realizing it. Eventually, this change in how you stand, walk or run can cause muscle or joint discomfort.


Deciding how to treat your Plantar Wart may depend on your ability to tolerate the pain of various treatments. Folk remedies for treating warts abound, and there is no single treatment that works every time. Softening of warts under prolonged duct tape occlusion is sometimes effective. Conventional treatment focuses on removal, while alternative approaches emphasize gradual remission.

Whatever you do, do not try to cut off a Plantar Wart yourself because you may injure yourself and cuts in your skin allow the warts to spread.

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