Parkway Back and Foot Clinic are Experts in relieving all kinds of body pain

Parkway Back and Foot Clinic are Experts in relieving all kinds of body pain

Parkway Back and Foot Clinic is a leading Pain Management Clinic in Stone Creek dedicated to taking care of patients' back pain, sore feet, and stiff joints.

Head of the clinic, Dr. Barry Mc Hardy and Danielle Willis are experts in chiropractic and chiropody treatments with experience of over 16 years treating patients in Stoney Creek and Hamilton.

Services By Parkway Back and Foot Clinic

Chiropractic & Back Care

Today's lifestyle and job requirements (especially desk jobs) have taken a toll on our backs. Our spinal cord is the backbone and is one of the most affected parts. Long sitting hours, incorrect posture, stress, and lack of exercise result in back-related issues. Ignorance of back pain and soreness might make the situation more critical. Proper treatment by an expert will not only help in relieving pain but will also make you more active and focused.

Parkway Back and Foot Clinic, Stoney Creek

Chiropractic treatment is considered to be very effective in treating spine-related issues. Chiropractors are experts with deep knowledge of the spine and extremity joints. They make manual adjustments of extremity joints and the vertebrae. These adjustments are effective in relieving pain and help restore the normal functioning of the vertebrae and other joints.

Dr. Barry Mc Hardy has been running his clinic since 2002. Since then, he has treated numerous patients with back and other joint-related issues. Dr. Barry Mc Hardy, in Stoney Creek, has a deep knowledge of his field and a lot of experience in treating patients. His correct diagnosis and right treatment help relieve patients' pain and help them carry out daily activities more efficiently and effectively.

Parkway Back and Foot Clinic, Stoney Creek

Services provided by Dr. Barry Mc Hardy

  • Relieving neck pain
  • Relieving lower back pain
  • Sciatica pain Relief
  • Ingrown toenail relief
  • Relief from a pinched nerve
  • Relief from Migraine headaches

Dr. Barry Mc Hardy is also trained to prescribe injury prevention techniques, therapeutic exercises, recommend rehabilitation, and provide nutritional counselling.

Back Care treatment at Parkway Back and Foot Clinic

At the Clinic, the doctor assesses the neuro-musculoskeletal condition of the patient related to the spinal cord, CNS, and other problematic muscles and joints.

Depending on the patient's back condition, the doctor provides (if required) 'Chiropractic adjustments'. These include extremity manipulation and spine manipulation.

If needed, the doctor also gives soft-tissue therapies. This includes trigger point techniques and myofascial release techniques.

Depending on the case, the doctor may even treat the patient using the medical acupuncture technique.

As per the patient's condition, the doctor recommends therapeutic exercises, rehabilitation and may even prescribe massage therapy.

Foot and Care Chiropody

The clinic's foot and care division is under the supervision of Danielle Willis. Danielle Willis is a well-known Chiropodist in Stone Creek. Her sweet smile, friendly nature, thorough knowledge of the field, and over a decade-long experience make her patient's favorite Chiropodist.

Parkway Back and Foot Clinic, Stoney Creek

Our feet carry the weight of our entire body. They need good care, but somehow we tend to ignore their well-being. Parkway Back and Foot Clinic takes good care of our feet and, with the right diagnosis and treatment, helps in relieving foot pain and retaining normalcy.

Services provided by Danielle Willis

Relieve pain from Plantar Fasciitis - Plantar Fasciitis is a kind of heel pain. If not treated on time, it can be very painful. It is generally caused due to standing for long hours, pregnancy, excessive walking or jogging, forefoot mal-alignment, weight gain, and more. In most cases, it can be treated by stretching exercises and icing treatment.

Relief from Migraine Headaches - Migraine headaches are quite painful. Parkway Back and Foot Clinic has a successful history of treating migraine headaches using acupuncture treatment and relieving stress and tension points through spine movement.

Orthotics - At Parkway Back and Foot Clinic, the Chiropodist is an expert in orthotics too. To correct the foot's position, the clinic provides custom-made detachable devices that are implanted into footwear. This places the muscles, joints, and ligaments in a more efficient position, thus improving the foot's movement. This further results in easing pain.

Parkway Back and Foot Clinic, Stoney Creek

Plantar Wart Removal - Warts can be very irritating. They are small growths in the skin's outer layer. They generally appear on the foot's sole. Plantar Warts are usually harmless and get cured without any treatment. However, if these warts cause pain and start spreading, then it's an alarming situation and needs the immediate attention of a Chiropodist. Parkway Back and Foot Clinic's Chiropodist is well trained to deal with Plantar Wart and perform the necessary treatment.

Other Services provided by Parkway Back and Foot Clinic

Relief from an athletic injury - Sports massages help in easing the swelling and pain caused due to injury. Also, a regular treatment would not only help in reducing the risk of injury but would also help in optimizing the athlete's performance.

Acupuncture - It's an ancient branch of science used to treat various ailments. It offers a holistic approach to treat diseases, detoxifying the body, relieving pain, reducing stress, boosting immunity, and revitalizing the body.

Parkway Back and Foot Clinic, Stoney Creek

Massage Therapy - At Parkway Back and Foot Clinic, experts give massage therapy to treat tension, stiffness, lower back pain and prevent the body from over-reacting to everyday stress.

Physiotherapy - Parkway offers a wide range of specialized physiotherapy services to patients suffering from arthritis, heart or lung disease, stroke, post-surgical needs, nerve injury, brain injury, and more. The experts provide customized treatment to the patients depending on their needs.

Shockwave Therapy - It's a non-surgical way of treating chronic pains and speed-up recovery. With all its latest equipment and experts, Parkway uses this therapy to relieve acute pain and enhance mobility.

At Parkway Back and Foot Clinic, Dr. Barry McHardy makes a point to discuss the treatment required and their plan of action with the patient. They discuss everything with their patient in detail. This helps the patients in understanding their condition clearly and making an educated and right decision. It's a one-stop destination for all kinds of muscle pain, joint pain, back-related problems, and other chronic pains.