The Best Games On The Android You Should Decide To Try

The Best Games On The Android You Should Decide To Try

It's easy to get into a game on mobile. The mobile game is quickly growing into a great place for all everyone with a selection of apps. Read mo

It's easy to get into a game on mobile. The mobile game is quickly growing into a great place for all everyone with a selection of apps. There's a whole world of great games out there waiting for you to try, we'll take a look at some of the best Android games. It's important to note that not just adults that kids can be anywhere from three or four years old to twelve years old so this list may feature games that are too mature or difficult for younger kids or easy for older kids. Please use your best discretion.

The Best Games On The Android You Should Decide To Try

If you’re a fan of IO Games then you may have already been waiting for this one. Do you remember the snake game on Nokia 3310? today, the return of game is exciting than more. game that it works in much the same way, but instead of walls you dodge other player's snakes as your own snake becomes longer and longer.

Join this game and show off your skills to your friends. The game is easy to learn but become harder and harder to master. Let's see if you can keep up? Try to survive for as long as possible, beat other players and win! Simple yet addictive! The game can be played by young children as well as adults.

If you like play on PC, so easy, you just need to use the mouse. The snake will follow wherever you keep your cursor. Click and hold the left mouse button to engage the booster, which lets you go faster for some time. Have you ever wanted to know your ability in this game? Simply play! and in no time at all, you will find yourself 2 hours in the future!

Run 3

The Best Games On The Android You Should Decide To Try

Endless runner games are always endless fun, Run 3 is an online action mobile game created after the browser flash one by an army of independent professionals which you can play for free. The awesome mobile application suits all Android versions thus cutting edge above all other mobile game applications in the market as it has tags gravity, running and space.

The instructions for playing the game are quite easy and are described here as follows:

- Use arrow keys or space-bar to run and jump while avoiding dangerous holes which may make you fall and loose direction. Run onto walls so that you may switch and balance your gravity. While on your way, you may skate, float and bounce through the space tunnels until you hit the game. Now, so go to play store and download the game and have fun.

If you want to play on the Website then click at here

Jurassic Dinosaur Hunter 3D

The Best Games On The Android You Should Decide To Try

Jurassic World has just hit the theatres and Dinosaur frenzy has already taken over the world. Jurassic Dinosaur Hunter Simulator 3D is the most realistic survival game featuring fast-paced combat, diverse environments, and over-the-top action. Hunt the most ferocious animals in the history of mankind become the Real Dinosaur Hunter!

In this game, dinosaurs are not extinct. Walk around in the mysterious Jurassic world overrun with prehistoric monsters, where your mission is to hunt a variety of legendary dinosaurs with a unique, distinctive, and destructive arsenal aimed at making these bloodthirsty beasts extinct once and for all.

Start with an easy prey and move up the food chain eventually hunting the biggest and the deadliest creatures alive.The only real question is, can you survive? Kill dinosaurs in lush and dangerous Jurassic environments like overgrown jungle and dinosaur boneyard!

There are currently nine species of dinos spread out across the Jurassic parks from small to giant, from herbivores to carnivores including Velociraptor (Raptor), Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex), Carnosaurus, Pteranodon, and many more.

If you're looking for an awesome free dinosaur game on website, then dive into Jurassic Dinosaur Hunter 3D and certainly, you will have a lot of fun from this game.

Happy Wheels

The Best Games On The Android You Should Decide To Try

Happy Wheels mobile is an exciting game for your Android phone or tablet or computer. This game requires Adobe Flash Player enabled in your browser if you want to play it on your PC.

If you're bored after playing your main game or want to take a break from other games. This game involves some intuitive Physics engine and the movement is based on Ragdoll model so the gameplay and the gravity, almost everything in the game looks and feels so good that you'll be playing this game for no reason. Here are how to play it:

This is how one of the levels in the game looks like, I have to mention that this gameplay is the mobile version of the game...

So, how do I play this game? Well, you have to play it either on mobile or on PC's browser, here's how to play the game:

- Go to your browser as Firefox, Chrome etc

- Make sure you've enabled Flash in your selected browser if you didn't, don't worry you'll be notified while on the game's site.

- Or simply you can play the game from websites, how ever there will be some limitations, just play for fun disregard of all of them.

Join this game, select your character and vehicle after you click Play from the menu. You'll have to choose from a variety of vehicles and the most infamous cycler dad and son thingy... But, be aware that some of the features are only available based on the version you're playing...

Have fun enjoying Happy Wheels game even on your potato PCs and laptops but with internet connection and Flash enabled browsers.

Akinator Online

The Best Games On The Android You Should Decide To Try

Akinator is a well-known web genie who claims to know who you are thinking about. Akinator asks a series of questions and then attempts to guess which character the player is thinking of. The accuracy is stunning. Is it really possible to cheat the genie? How does it work? Let’s figure out.

Akinator can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking about, just by asking a few questions. Think of a real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess who it is. Will you dare challenge the Genie?

How to play:

- Go to or install one of the apps onto your mobile device. Enter your age and hit the Play button.

- Akinator will ask you a series of questions, with “Yes”, “No”, “Probably”, “Probably not” and “Don’t know” as possible answers. Answer them as frankly as possible.

Here are the typical questions it asks:

Is your character a male?

Is your character a real person?

Is your character American?

Is your character living?

Is your character a singer?

Is your character in politics?

Is your character currently more than 30 years old?

- Akinator will ask you up to 25 questions in order to guess your character in mind.Akinator. Then it will automatically ask if the character it chose is correct. If the character is guessed wrong three times in a row, then the game will ask the user to type the character’s name in order to expand its database.

- When the character is already guessed, you will receive the statistics about how many times it has been played and the date of the last game. You may boast of your results on social media and start the new

If you really want to defeat Akinator, think of a not so popular character and reply correctly all the questions. Good luck to cheat Akinator!

Akinator Online is for free on the web version, and also now available for free on iPhone, Android.

Please write what you think of the game in the comments below. Thanks for reading!