The General Look About IO Game For 2018

The General Look About IO Game For 2018

As time goes on, more and more .io games hit the market. IO games aren’t just a fad. The genre sprung to life two years ago, and it’s still growing today.

As time goes on, more and more .io games hit the market. IO games aren’t just a fad. The genre sprung to life two years ago, and it’s still growing today.

About IO Games

.io games are browser and mobile games that are generally hosted on websites ending with the domain extension .io. The two-letter domain belongs to British Indian Ocean Territory. However, .io games aren’t linked by geography. They share many player-friendly qualities, from their controls to gameplay. They offer web-first, real-time, massive multiplayer experiences.

Most .io games feature simple graphics that load quickly on all types of devices, including modern machines, older computers, and mobile devices. The best .io games offer a highly competitive, social experience that players can dive into with just one click. “Easy to play, hard to master” is the perfect description of the most popular titles in this genre.

IO Games for the past two years

The .io game's world is consistently growing and flooded with new games every day. .io games are a worldwide phenomenon. The genre was the most-searched gaming term in the USA in in 2016. Games like and have spawned hundreds of clones and similarly styled games over the past two years. They are one of the top games, are most popular in Peru. The city with the most interest in .io games in Brisbane, Australia - on the other side of the planet. The genre is truly far-reaching and substantial.

.io titles bring a strong sense of community to the gaming world. They are inherently social, with players competing against each other. In-game chat rooms allow competitors to strategize and taunt at any time. YouTube bloggers post lengthy gameplay videos and clips that go viral. Reddit communities host discussions and strategy guides. The .io world is accessible to everyone, and many developers respond to players’ suggestions on YouTube and Reddit.

The General Look About IO Game For 2018

Paperio, Splixio and Bonkio are just a few of the genre’s best games. When it comes to .io, there are no restrictions. Fans of warfare gameplay can battle on the ground, in the sky, or in the ocean. Several .io titles host gripping tank battles. Others let players become pilots in hectic air bouts. There’s .io action for wannabe Navy captains and pirates, too.

If competing on Earth isn’t enough of an adventure, many .io titles take place in outer space. There are interstellar multiplayer wars and Asteroid-like games for those seeking action among the stars. For less intense gaming sessions, there’s a whole subgenre of .io puzzle games. Those titles incorporate a multiplayer element into traditional Match 3 and number-puzzle gameplay.

The Amazing Continues

The General Look About IO Game For 2018

.io games have proven their worth, with billions of views and millions of players. All facets of the creative community have a stake in the action, from indie game developers to powerful production houses. As a result, players get to enjoy high-quality, no-cost gameplay.

IO games are the latest trend in online browser gaming. These games are easy to access, meaning with one click you are inside the game with other players. They are simple and fun, require no registration. The io games fuzz started from that went viral in 2016 and still stays popular in 2018. IO-games are usually hosted on .io domains.

If this trend continues, and it looks like it will - the .io genre will grow even more, and its legions of participants will prosper in 2018 years. Which .io games are on your mobile or PC for 2018? Will and remain at the top of the io games this year?

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