Happiness is an Inside Job

Happiness is an Inside Job

Happiness comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't.

Does this Sound like YOU?

You have people around you, lots of social activities, lots of friends. Yet you feel alone and miserable. Always looking to connect, looking for acceptance and love. It seems to elude you. In the silence you want to cry or scream. Does this sound like you or has this been you?

In all honesty, at one time this was me. Frustrated and blaming so many for my pain. Until one day, I seriously took a look at how I was participating in this God awful play called life.

  • What was my role and how was it playing out? How was it serving me?
  • How was it serving me?
Evolove Healing, Pamela Robinson


Not Taught Happiness

As with many in my era, I was not taught that happiness was 100% my responsibility. I was taught through many years in a nuclear family of the 60's, it was everyone else's job. Let's face it, if Mom or Dad were upset, angry or sad it was because the kids or day to day life, did something to make them that way. Or if we were "good" and did something they accepted, they were happy. If my siblings were doing something deemed wrong, as the oldest I was responsible to teach them or show them it was not pleasing.

Now, this I knew to be "normal". Children were seen and not heard. And do not dare to be angry or disagree because this was a sign of disrespect. I paint this picture to show how we as children were conditioned to believe it is others who are to make us whatever emotion we felt.

Personal Power

Not until I started to take back my own personal power and realize, I am in control of how I choose to act, behave or feel, at any given time and under any given circumstance. And the most bizarre thing is... as I'm smiling...none of it was wrong. It was me; 100% of what makes me special and unique. When I stopped giving a damn about pleasing others, and getting my praise from others. I became free to feel my emotions and embrace responsibility for my life and emotions whether it was happiness or misery. When I woke to this fact, not surprisingly, I chose happiness. I was no longer going to allow anyone to "make" me feel anything I did not want to feel. And I was going to own my feelings. no matter whether people judged them as good or bad, or too sensitive.

Evolove Healing, Pamela Robinson

I Choose Happiness

Stepping into this authenticity...

...allowed room for more happiness than I could imagine and I worked through depression, anger, resentment and grief by allowing them. Not stuffing them. Being real with myself, first and foremost.

Now, I take pride in helping people to heal and free themselves from their obsolete internal messages to allow more happiness in their lives. Discovering you have a choice in how you want to live your life, despite the messaging, the people and the things around you. Nobody or nothing has the power to make you happy or miserable.

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Evolove Healing

Only, YOU have that power!!

Happiness can be contagious...hinged on knowing it starts with you. It is an inside job.

This video introduces a modality I use in my healing work called Z Point

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