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Christy shook her head. "No I need to sit out a few rounds." For once she didn't appear to be the perkiest person in the room. Cam went back to work, but in a half hour he mentioned that it was getting backed up. The invites hadn't taken into consideration only two girls. We looked over to see Christy asleep in the corner. I thought a moment.

"Cam, see if any will come back another day. We'll work out something extra." He came back down.

"The natives are getting restless. Bob Hendricks says he'll do someone's ass if you want two at a time."

Brit shot that down. I considered it, then agreed it might cause other troubles. "Let's just go without a break." We went as quickly as we could. Guys were filling me faster and faster. By now I was laying back just enjoying the cock. I wasn't getting tired of it yet. I felt like I could do the whole school. Christy got up from her nap.

"You two ho's still fucking? OK, I think I can get a few more up the twat." The guy currently humping me stopped in mid thrust,

"Hey I know that voice." Oh fuck just what we needed. "Is that you Christy?" She froze. I could see the look of panic on her face. I went for the save.

"Who's Christy? We're in from Farmingdale."

"No, that has to be..." And he took off his mask. "Amber? Oh fuck, I'm fucking AMBER?" Now the guy fucking Brit stopped, then his mask was off. We had a potential disaster. I tried another tack,

"Kev, Kev please." Kevin Wilson was in a lot of my classes. Now his cock was in my cunt and he was unsure what to do. To my right Steve Kennedy went back to pumping his cock into Brit. While fucking he said,

"We can work this out, but I'm almost there and I'm not missing my chance with Britney. He increased his pace then, shot his load. In his confusion Kevin had gone limp. Now he sat back completely lost. We had a situation.

"OK you two", I tried, "you know what and who. This CAN'T get out. You're the only two who KNOW. What's it gonna cost."

Steve looked at the three of us. We didn't exactly look our best. But we were cheerleaders, and we were naked. And he'd gotten laid exactly once in his life. He must have figured, what the fuck. "Uh, you three and me. All I want. Then I never say a word."

Brit, who'd already fucked him once, "One day, I'm in." I quickly agreed. Christy who may have started regretting her friendship with us shrugged,

"Me too." Now we looked at Kev. His eyes hadn't really left Christy. He probably should have asked for Steve's deal. But he was fixed on Christy.

"I, I'd like a night with Christy. In bed, everything." Christy blew out a breath.

"This is what I get for sleeping on the job. OK, but not tonight. And it's someplace nice and you buy me dinner."

"Agreed!" Cam came downstairs and took in the scene. He had the expected reaction,

"Shit. Shit shit shit shit. What the fuck, they KNOW who you are? That's it, I'm sending everyone home."

"Bro, wait."

No, Brit. We're done. Nice job and all that." He went bounding upstairs. We heard complaints and mild threats, but Tim apparently cleared the room. Five minutes later there were eight of us crowded into the basement room. Brit took charge.

"OK Kev, Steve, you're out of here. Remember, you know nothing. No one knows you saw anything." The remaining guys looked around at the carnage. There were towels and wipes and condom wrappers strewn about. John summed it up,

"Damn it stinks of sex in here. Must have been 50 guys through here today." Christy looked at him with doubt,

"No fucking way." Brit cut her off,

"You slept through a few princess. OK, now let's clean up. And no boys, I don't want to fuck any of you." We cleaned the basement room, picked up what was laying around the living room, sprayed some disinfectant and took turns showering. Christy and John had left when there was a knock at the door. Cam peaked out a side window.

"Oh fuck, police!" I sent Cam and Brit upstairs and told Tim to go sit in the kitchen. I was still just wearing a towel.

"I'll handle it." They all scrambled as the knock on the door was louder this time. When I answered it Officer Nelson, who couldn't have been more than 23, introduced himself. I noted that he carefully took in my wardrobe.

"Excuse me miss, but there was a report of a party here. Lots of people in and out?"

"No, nothing here. I was, having a little private time with my boyfriend. Care to look around, I'm not really dressed for outside."

He took the opportunity to step inside. His eyes roamed the room, then roamed me again. "Sorry, but some kids said people were having sex here."

"Yes, I was having sex." He blushed more than a little.

"Um, ah, were there other people here?"

"It's my friend's house. She or her brother may have been in and out. She let me have some privacy. Um, you're not going to get her in trouble? I just needed, well you know, so bad." By now he was crimson. Sweating a little. His eyes now almost never left my cleavage.

"Well, the call. I need to make a report."

"Please? It's not her fault. I was the one..." Since he was staring, I adjusted the towel, giving him a good look. "Please? A girl has, needs." I dropped the towel and turning, put my hands behind me. "But handcuff me if you must." I looked back over my shoulder.

"No, uh, no need to handcuff. You can..." But the words stopped when I turned back around. I raised my hands giving him a full view.

"But I liked to be tied up." Without thinking, he reached out and felt my breast. "OOh, I like a man in uniform. Can we work out a suitable punishment to let this drop?" I led him to the edge of the sofa where I bent over offering him access. "Go ahead, I'll take my sentence." By now he had no doubts. His pants were down and a rigid cock was ready to administer justice. I felt his cock enter me. He held my waist and gave me a good solid flogging. His cock going deep, his body banging my ass with each thrust. I encouraged him to "punish me, go hard" He slapped my ass, very hard. "Ow, yes, I was bad." Slap, slap. "I deserve it. Ow, ow" My pussy had been filled most of the day and still this was a nice extra. He seemed to be getting off on smacking me, but it added another layer after hours of mostly straightforward sex. Whack. "OOOw, oh fuck. It takes a real man. OW." Then he grabbed my sore ass as he pumped his cock in and gave me yet another load. When he'd pulled out, I stood and turned. "Are we ok now? Nothing happened today?"