How Twilio SMS can help in achieving desired Goals?

How Twilio SMS can help in achieving desired Goals?

No more old-fashioned plugins for your business. Get a Twilio SMS plugin for your SuiteCRM to fulfill your needs. Get aware of every feature from here.

Globally, 5 billion users send and receive SMS messages, so clearly there is no shortage in the number of users. Furthermore, you will be surprised to know that SMS has one of the best opening rates when compared to other marketing strategies. Almost 98% of messages sent are opened within a few minutes of their delivery. We believe these two statistics are more than enough to show you the potential of text messages. Top businesses are also aware of this and therefore invest in software like Twilio SMS, which reduces the SMS marketing efforts to a great extent.

Twilio SMS integrate with SuiteCRM

Twilio SMS

Twilio SMS is equipped with features that have shown proven success to industries like Real Estate CRM, Call Center, Travel and Tourism, etc. This extension gives you an even higher return on investment when working alongside CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software like SuiteCRM. In this way, you will have the centralized information of customers, and the users can leverage this to provide a personalized experience. You have learned the benefits of having Twilio SMS, now we will show you the features of this extension.

Unique Features of Twilio SMS Extension

This extension is one of the best tools when it comes to improving the SMS marketing game. Make sure to look at every feature mentioned below.

  • This extension will allow the user to send multiple SMS at one time. This will save a lot of users time.
  • You can also use the SMS templates in the messages. Templates are an important part of modern communication as they provide a more consistent and personalized experience. Furthermore, they are a time-saver as well.
  • The conversation history of every customer will be automatically saved in the CRM by our plugin. You can use this past customer information to provide a personalized whenever next time they visit you.
  • The plugin will let you engage with customers in a live chat. This is integral for providing an instant solution to their problems.
  • In order to make it GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, we have also added the opt-in and opt-out functionality to the plugin. By simply typing and sending “STOP”, the receiver can stop these incoming messages.

The price of Twilio SMS is $299 and you’ll be glad to know that it is a one-time price. The plugin is compatible with all SuiteCRM versions as well.

Buy Twilio SMS plugin is to send multiple message in single click