Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hair Masks but Were Afraid To Ask

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hair Masks but Were Afraid To Ask
almost 2 years ago

Learn more about Hair Masks, including common questions and pro tips on how to use hair masks by Osensia Haircare.

So, you’ve never heard of a hair mask? Or maybe you’ve heard the term, but not really sure what it does or whether they’re right for you? You’re not alone… and you’re about to be in on a secret that can take your hair to the next level.

A hair mask is a unique deep-conditioning treatment that repairs and restores from the inside out, working to actually reverse damage caused by processing, coloring, styling and the environment. Whereas a conditioner coats the surface of a hair strand, hair masks go further, working inside the cuticle. Getting into a regular hair mask routine will do wonders not only for your hair health, but also for your shine factor.

Let’s answer some of your questions, discuss potential concerns and address common misconceptions:

Will it make my hair look or feel greasy? A good quality hair mask, if used as recommended at a frequency of once per week, will not. After using the mask, you will re-shampoo and condition your hair as usual which will ensure that it is fully washed out.

My hair is pretty healthy – why would I need a mask? No matter how carefully you tend to your hair, it still is at the mercy of the environment. Changes in season, sun exposure, indoor heating and cooling, styling, even friction with hats are all impacting your hair health on a daily basis. Getting in the habit of using a mask will help counteract these damaging factors.

What kind of hair mask should I use? All they all pretty much the same? Not all masks are created equal. Some are specially formulated for specific hair types. Dry, overprocessed, damaged or curly hair, for example, most likely needs a deeply moisturizing formula. Fine hair, however, may benefit from ingredients that fortify and strengthen. Don’t fall easily into just one category? For a mask that’s nutrient-rich and safe for a variety of hair types, we recommend thisintense Hydrating Mask, which uses argan oil for hair treatment and Keratin to saturate parched hair with moisture and soothe tired, overworked tresses.

So, how do I use it?You can apply a hair mask to either dry or wet hair. Most people apply theirs to wet hair, which is just fine and probably easiest – apply the mask after you wash your hair, making sure to rinse with warm water to open up the cuticles and prime them for the mask to penetrate. After towel-drying, spread the mask on, working from the root to the ends. Be sure to use a wide-tooth comb when working the mask through, and pay extra attention to working it into the ends, since that part of your hair needs it the most. Leave on for 20 minutes or so, then rinse with cool water and shampoo and condition your hair as usual.

(If you have a little extra time to treat yourself, you can also apply a mask to dry hair, letting it absorb for about 20 mins. For hair badly in need of a hydrating treatment, you can apply the mask, cover your hair, and leave it on overnight.)

When do I start? And how often? As soon as possible! Your hair will thank you for it. Follow this process once weekly for a beautiful boost and discover silky, lustrous hair that you never thought possible.


Here at Osensia, we believe in using best hair styling products that contain natural ingredients essential for your hair health. No matter what your hair’s needs are, we’re here to help. Check out more hair tips and techniques here.