Hair Care 101 for Curly-Haired Kids

Hair Care 101 for Curly-Haired Kids

Haircare tips for curly-haired kids.

If your kid has a straight hair, congratulations! You have got the jackpot. Simply comb it, tie it up in a pony tail, and she’s off to school. But if your kid is curly-haired, you probably know that one simple brush won’t do the trick.

Mothers of curly-haired kids often ask how to care for their little one’s curls. That is why we have decided to put up this informative post.

So, how do you really care for your kid’s curly hair?

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1. Trim it regularly.

Yes, your kids might want to have longer hair. But let us tell you that it’s way better to keep the curls layered and short.

Believe it or not, curly hair requires regular trims unlike that of straight hair. Why? That is because it is prone to drying out faster. This is especially true to curls with ends that are prone to breaking and tangling.

2. Go to a legit salon.

Trimming and cutting curly hair is a form of art. And not everyone has the talent to do it. If you go to bargain hair salons, it’s hard to find someone who knows how to take good care of real curly hair. Curls grow at varying speeds and they come in varying levels of curliness. This is why it is very important to find somebody who knows what to do and balance everything out to ensure the curls play nicely together.

Of course, it is possible to find someone who can groom curly hair at a cheap salon. However, if you are dead serious about maintenance, it is really a relief to be in a place where people are truly skilled with handling curls.

3. Do not even consider brushing your kid’s hair.

Brushes are not designed to be used for curls; fingers and wide-toothed combs are. This means you’ve got to stock up a lot of wide-toothed comb and leave one in all the rooms in your house.

Curls have unique patterns and using a brush to tame them will do nothing but mess up the way the curls want to grow. If you really feel the need to use a brush, we recommend using Osensia’s Flexi Boar Brush with Nylon Bristles.

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4. Avoid washing curly hair every single day.

Don't even attempt to wash curly hair on a daily basis. If you do so, you’d end up drying up the curls. If you really have to shampoo the curls, focus on the greasy parts. Make sure you don’t tangle and rub them. Just scrub the scalp using your fingertips and let the shampoo do its work.

5. Condition every now and then.

It's okay not to wash your curls every day. But make sure that you condition them every time you take a shower. Choose a conditioner for kids that has moisturizing properties. Again, make sure that you don’t rub the curls.

To apply the conditioner, simply massage it through the curls. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing. Once it dries, do not rub it with a towel. What you should do is blot it, grab a wide-toothed comb, and slowly work your way through the ends.

If possible, let the curls air dry. Even if they look clumped together, avoid messing with them. As soon as they’re dry, puff them up lightly with your fingertips.

6. Analyze the texture of the curls carefully.

As a parent, it is important that you analyze your kid’s hair texture, so you can buy hair care products that are formulated for her hair type. Yes, this can be difficult at first. But once you find the right product, know that it will all be worth it.

Depending on your child’s hair type, the results will often vary. If you are uncertain about what products to get, seek help from hair care experts of professionals.

7. Learn the LOC method.

Also called the Leave-in Conditioner, Oil, and Cream method, the LOC method is a step-by-step process that girls with naturally curly hair observe and use to achieve the best-looking curls.

As the name of this strategy suggests, this involves the use and application of a leave-in conditioner, oil, and cream to your hair. This method is said to help maximize hair moisture, which is needed for curly hair.

The idea is the same with applying lotion. We put it on after taking a bath as it can help hydrate the skin and retain moisture.

The LOC method is best done after taking a bath.

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8. Master the art of detangling.

Curls can easily detangle. But there are many things you can do to reduce the knots. One is you should not detangle your curls once they’re dry. Second, use the best appropriate detangling brush.

Sure, you probably have doubts about this whole detangling thing. You’re probably even asking right now whether or not it will make your whole washing routine faster and better. The answer is yes. Detangle the curls before even washing them. You'd be surprised at how silky soft your child’s curls will be.

9. Avoid all the negative comments.

It is true that managing tight curls is not easy. But as much as possible, avoid saying any negative comments when caring for your child’s curls. Because she’s still a child, she won’t totally understand why her hair is different from the rest. With your guidance, she should grow up with a better understanding about things.

Appreciate how beautiful your child’s curls are. Do not complain about how difficult it is to groom and manage them.

10. Consider protective hairstyles.

You may also want to try protective hairstyles for your little tot. Try braiding her curls because it’s easier to do and more manageable.

Mini Puffs with Tiny Flat Twists –This hairstyle is great for babies and tots. It's very easy to do. Simply twist tiny puffs to protect the ends and to keep the strands moisturized. Use cute hair accessories to make the style more attractive.

Flat Twists with High Buns –This hairstyle is very popular among preschoolers and toddlers. It is best done on medium to long hair and is ideal for curls that get messy all the time.

Cornrows with Colorful Beads –Is your child in kindergarten? Then this hairstyle is a must-try. Like the first two hairstyles, this is very easy to put up. It's a great choice for children who are not patient enough to get their curls done and tamed. Add colorful beads and your child should be all set for the day.

Cornrow Knots –If you don’t have enough time and you’re in a hurry, this hairstyle is great. Not only is it quick to do. It’s also perfect for school and parties.

Banded Half-Updo –This hairstyle looks complicated at first, but once you have mastered it, you’ll love doing it on your kid’s curly hair. This semi-advanced style will require a few mini elastic bands, a sectioning comb, and patience. After washing your child’s hair, section the curls, making sure there is one large part from one ear. Tie the bottom half of the hair, so you can easily work your way to the top. It's up to you how many vertical sections you want. From there, create tiny ponytails. If there are flyaways, apply edge control.

Afro Puffs –This is undoubtedly one of the cutest and most adorable hairstyles for kids with curly hair. Afro puffs create this Minnie Mouse feels to any kid. Simply part the hair in the middle and create two ponytails on both sides. Fluff out each ponytail by using a sectioning comb or a pick.

Braided Bun –The braided bun hairstyle combines vertical cornrows and a ponytail. First, the braided ponytail is wrapped into a high bun. And for a unique twist, a vertical braid is done above it in a direction towards the face.

Heart-Shaped Braided Pony –Does your kid have longer curls? Then consider this fancy hairstyle. Perfect for special events and weddings, this heart-shaped braided ponytail is done by parting the tresses down the middle. After that, another part is created along one side. Start curving a heart towards your child’s ear. Put a clip near the ear and start a Dutch braid using the outer section of your tresses. Braid to the back of the ear is reached. Unclip the first section. Continue braiding until you reach the neck. Tie again. Repeat the steps on the other side. Secure the hairstyle with an elastic band.

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Wrapping Up

As soon as your child grows up, caring for curls will be easier. Eventually, her hair grows thicker and she will know what to do. She will also figure out what methods work and what won’t. While they may be stubborn at times, your child will surely appreciate the joy that her curls bring.

So, what do you do to keep your child’s curly hair healthy? Comment on your ideas and hair care tips. Better yet, share this article to a friend or somebody you know who has a child with naturally curly hair!