6 Things to Consider When Buying Detangling Brush for Kids

6 Things to Consider When Buying Detangling Brush for Kids

Tips on choosing the right detangling brush for your kids.

Mornings are not for everyone. And there are a lot of (understandable) reasons behind it. The moment the clock strikes five, that means it is time to get up and get ready for work or school. While that sounds great for those people who consider every morning another chance to make their dreams come true or another opportunity to do what they want to do, there are those who dread having to leave their bed just to start a boring routine of working nine to five, eating, sleeping, and waiting for the next day to start again.

But there’s another reason why most of us hate mornings and wish they could stay in bed for five more hours: tangled hair. For girls especially, a screaming alarm clock means having to face the mirror only to see their hair in knots, a mess that is harder to handle than a badly creased shirt.

Tangled hair is a problem all of us have faced at some point. And we all hate it. Untangling headphone cords may be relaxing, but detangling hair knots is a different story. It takes time and often leaves some of your hair strands lying dead on the floor.

But while adults hate hair tangles to the core, there are people who hate them more than you do: kids.

“It’s time to brush your teeth” are not the only words children hate to hear. Having their hair brushed isn’t exactly a good time for them either. For one, they are not a fan of the pain that comes with it. Kids have sensitive scalps, so a little forceful pull will hurt them. This is why for parents, it is hard to get their kids to stand or sit still so they can start getting rid of the knots. Most of the time, it involves a lot of chasing and yelling.

But just like any other activities involving children, there are ways to make this less of a nightmare. One of these ways is to get a good detangling brush for kids.

When brushing your kid’s hair, it is important that you make sure the tool you are using is actually good for them. It may not be especially made for them, but it pays to go for something that you know will not cause them any form of hair damage. The thing about this, though, is that the best hair detangler brush is not easy to find, let alone one that can be used on our young boys’ and girls’ hair. But worry not, we got you some tips.

Questions to Ask When Buying a Detangling Brush for Kids

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Choosing a good detangler brush is as complex as choosing the right hair conditioner or shampoo. There are a lot of things to consider when deciding on which one will make a good investment. Here’s a guide and basically a list of questions to ask when you are looking for right detangling brush for kids.

1. Is it gentle on the hair and scalp?

As mentioned, one of the reasons kids dislike it when you call them over so you can brush their hair is because they have quite sensitive scalp. This can be very unpleasant for some that they end up crying when the brushing starts. And if you have a daughter with long locks, this activity might even be harder. This is why it is crucial that the brush you use is gentle on their scalp. While there aren’t any hair brushes that are particularly desensitizing, there are those that are designed to give the scalp a little massage. One good example is The Wet Brush.

The Wet Brush is good to use on wet hair, but it offers more than just this. This brush has soft tips that will give your kid’s scalp that smooth touch. With this brush, detangling your kid’s mane won’t be much of a pain for them.

2. Are the bristles flexible?

Does the hair brush you use have soft and flexible bristles? If not, then it’s high time you put it down and leave it locked in the cabinet. Thebest hair detangler has ultra soft bristles and this is exactly what you use on your kid’s hairbrush should be. This type of hair brush makes detangling gentle and relaxing for your kiddo.

A good example of a brush with flexible bristles is Osensia’s Flexi Nylon Bristles. This hair brush brushes evenly and doesn’t leave any knot untouched. It has a handle that your kid will love as it is lightweight and designed for maximum grip while styling and while on the go.

3. Are its bristles infused with elements the hair needs?

It is rare for a hair brush to be infused with elements that promote hair growth and prevent damage, but they exist. One is Cricket Ultra Smooth Detangling Brush. This ten-dollar brush has bristles that come infused with Argan oil, olive oil, and keratin protein.

Argan oil helps keep the hair hydrated. This type of oil leaves the hair looking and feeling smooth. It also makes the driest of locks lustrous and gives it the kind of shine it deserves. Olive oil is another type of oil that your hair will love. It is a natural moisturizer. Young as they are, kids love playing outside under the heat of the sun, which often leaves it dry and lifeless. But olive oil penetrates the strands and preserves the moisture in their hair. Keratin protein, on one hand, promotes hair growth and strengthens it. So if you can find a hair brush that has these oils like Cricket’s, make sure to give it a go.

4. Is it good for all types of hair?

Not all kids have straight hair; some girls are born with naturally curly mane. Make sure the brush you are getting them is made for their hair type. Moreover, get a brush that is good for both wet and dry hair as well. You don’t want to have to buy a different brush for each. That will not only cost you a few bucks more, it can also get confusing. There are a lot of brushes on the market that are like this. A good example is Osensia’s Flexi Nylon Bristles. With its impressive bristles, this brush is good for wet and dry hair, and even extensions! Another good purchase would be Tangle Pets Sparkles the Unicorn Detangling Brush. This one comes in the form of a cute animal plush character that children will love to hold and keep in their mini bags. It works on curly, straight, thick, and thin hair, so you can trust that whatever your kid’s hair type is, you will get your money’s worth with this brush.

5. Does it help reduce tangles and prevent breakage?

What’s a detangling brush if it does not actually help reduce tangles, right? So save your kid from longer brushing time by getting a brush that rids of the knots as you go. A good buy is the Osensia’s Flexi Nylon Bristles. The design of this brush will catch your kid’s attention—it is macaron-shaped and comes in colors that are aesthetically pleasing. But it’s the brush’s bristles that will make you buy it. This brush has radial-patterned bristles that remove knots and reduces tangles as you comb through your kid’s locks. Not only that, this brush is pocket-sized and comes with a pop-off cover with a mirror! With how small this brush is, you can easily slip it into your kid’s backpack and they can use it anytime they need to.

6. Is it child-friendly?

The best hair detangler brush for kids should not only be good at removing knots, but it should also be designed for children. Osensia’s Flexi Nylon Bristles makes a good example. This brush not only fixes knots and tangles, but it also makes sure your kid won’t feel any kind of pain while you do it. This brush’s bristles separate the hair sideways and gently comb through each side and through each knot and detangle them easily.

Another good brush for kids is Osensia’s Flexi Nylon Bristles. This brush particularly boasts a design that is actually for kids. Aside from a really bright color, which your little girl or boy will love to marvel at, it has a handle that allows for easy grip, especially for the young ones. This is so your child can do the brushing without any hassle, should they insist to do it themselves.

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Choosing the right detangling brush is no walk in the park. Your kid’s hair is their crowning glory too just like how it is yours. And just like you, your son or daughter doesn’t want to start their day with their locks in tangles and having to sit (or stand) through a painful activity just to fix them. So be smart when selecting the right hair brush. Make sure it has all the features a good hair brush should have. Looking for one won’t be easy, but hope this article can make the decision making a bit less stressful!