8 Easy Tips to Detangle Your Hair Without Damaging It

8 Easy Tips to Detangle Your Hair Without Damaging It
about 1 year ago

Learn the ways and use the right products for your hair without damaging it. It takes time, but surely you'll get a reward.

A majority of people think that hairbrushes, wide-tooth combs, and fine-tooth combs are all the same. There really isn’t an understanding of what each hair tool is for and how they ought to be used. The truth is, each comb, paddle brush, and detangling brush has a specific use. To really take care of your hair, you should take the time to understand the hair tools that you use on it. It takes a lot of time, devotion, and love to grow a healthy head of hair. Make the most of your efforts by actually seeing how you can help your hair grow by using the right tools, products, and equipment. Here are some tips you can try for detangling your hair without causing any damage to it:

8 Easy Tips to Detangle Your Hair Without Damaging It

1. Start from the bottom.

Normal hair brushing is done by starting at the scalp and moving towards the tips of your hair. That process won’t work with tangled hair. When trying to remove tangles and knots from your hair, it’s best to start at the ends. You will need to work slowly from the tips and carefully untangle each knot. Detangle your hair without damaging it by working cautiously so that you are not tugging or pulling too much on the hair strands. Forceful brushing and wrong brushing technique can cause hair loss and even baldness. It’s essential to be conscious of how you are brushing your hair to prevent any damage.

A lot of people think that brushing is going from root to ends. That’s fine if you are not dealing with any tangles. Tangled and knotted hair requires the tips to the root method. Brushing from top to bottom will result in combining all the knots and snarls at the ends. This makes the ends a tangled jungled that is nearly impossible to work through. Since you wouldn’t want to cut off all the tangles, following the bottom to top method of brushing is the best move.

2. Use a wide-tooth comb.

You’ll need several hair tools to detangle your hair. You can’t just use one comb or brush and think that’ll solve your problem. You’ll need to use both a comb and brush, especially if your hair is very messy. One of the essential tools is a wide-tooth comb. This type of comb makes it easier to loosen the knots that are in your hair. It’s nice to go through your hair at least once a day with a wide-tooth comb. What’s great about this comb is that it can be used on dry or damp hair. It’s gentle enough so that you can use it to loosen the knots and tangles without causing breakage. This is a must-have in any hairstyling arsenal.

3. Use a good conditioner.

There is a myth that says you should never comb your hair when it is wet. That is not true at all. One of the easiest ways to avoid tangles is to comb your wet hair while you are in the shower. When you apply conditioner on your hair, you can easily glide a comb through your strands. Coat your hair with conditioner and let it soak in for a few minutes. This soaking time will allow the hair strands time to absorb in the vitamins and nutrients contained in the conditioner. Try to find a conditioner with a lot of healing and nourishing ingredients so that you are repairing the cuticle as you are conditioning it. Use a wide-tooth comb or even your fingers to get the conditioner from root to tip. This will loosen and undo any knots in your hair. After a few minutes of letting your hair marinate in conditioner, you can wash it out. Do an excellent wash to make sure you don’t end up with greasy hair.

You could also try leave-in conditioner, which can do a lot for your hair. One of the leading causes of breakage and damage is dryness. To combat any dryness, use a leave-in hair conditioner. Having this protective coating on your hair strands can prevent any tangles during the day. Make sure you use the appropriate amount so that your hair isn’t weighed down by the product.

8 Easy Tips to Detangle Your Hair Without Damaging It

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4. Dry your hair properly.

There isn’t just a proper way to comb and brush your hair. There is also an appropriate way to dry it. You might be wondering, what are you talking about? Isn’t drying your hair just covering it with a towel or putting a hair dryer on the highest setting? If you went through the process of gently combing out the tangles in your hair when it was wet, do not undo that progress by drying your hair vigorously with a terrycloth towel. Use a soft microfiber towel on your hair. Never twist, wring, or shake your hair dry. This causes tangles to form. It could also lead to cuticle damage and split ends. Additionally, don’t overdo the hair dryer usage. Too much heat styling can damage the individual hair strands as well.

5. Use a detangling brush.

It was already mentioned that you'd need more than one hair accessory to work with tangled hair. There can’t be enough emphasis placed on the need to understand the uses of the different hair products and tools. The detangling brush is one of the best inventions of the last century. You can ask any mother who has had to deal with her child’s messy hair. A detangling brush is not just for children. Adults can use it too. Mainly adults with problem hair. If you have thick, wavy, curly, unmanageable hair, the detangling brush may turn out to be your best friend. These brushes are designed to quickly and efficiently deal with knots and tangles with less pain and tears than a regular brush. Osensia’s Flexi Brush is excellent for trying to tackle wet or dry hair. The soft bristles are pliant enough to move through your tangles without pulling or tugging.

8 Easy Tips to Detangle Your Hair Without Damaging It

hair care tips, hair detangling brush, hair care tools

6. Brush in sections.

This tip is especially useful for people with very thick hair. However, it’s also a tip that can be used by everyone with all hair textures. Separating your hair into manageable sections is just a way of dividing the work to make it easier on yourself. When you are getting ready to do your nightly hair brushing routine, section your hair into several bunches. You can then work through each bunch until you’ve smoothened out and untangled all the knots and kinks.

7. Be patient.

Yes, patience is a virtue. Dealing with problem hair can test your patience, too. When trying to detangle your hair without damaging it, you have to be gentle and patient. Depending on how bad the tangles are, you might have to spend several minutes or even hours just trying to smoothen your hair. If you find that your comb, brush, or fingers are having a tough time dealing with a tangle, breathe. Do not try to pull and tug and force the brush through. That will only cause pain and maybe a few lost hair strands. The goal is really to preserve the locks and cuticles but still have smooth hair. When brushing out your tangles, remember to be gentle and patient.

8. Prevent tangles.

The biggest and most helpful tip we could give you is to prevent tangles and knots from forming in the first place. There are several ways to avoid knots and tangles from forming. One prevention method is combing your hair. Combing or brushing your hair at least once a day. A good brush will help coat your hair with its natural oils, keep it shiny, and make it grow better. Those with natural hair should use a scarf to cover their hair at night or sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase. Use something with a smooth texture. This will lessen the friction between the strands and prevent kinks and tangles.

8 Easy Tips to Detangle Your Hair Without Damaging It

hair care tips, hair detangling brush, hair care tools


Trying to care for your hair is a long process. There’s a proper way to brush it. There’s an appropriate way to dry it. It’s a lot to learn, and you’ll have to know which products are suitable for your hair type and texture. A lot of times, it will take a trial and error process to figure everything out. There isn’t one miracle product that works on everybody with all different hair types. The key is to find out which products work well for you, and once you find those products, stick to it. It takes a lot of effort to grow out long, healthy locks, but it’s not an impossible goal. Follow the tips mentioned above, and you’ll surely have an easier time dealing with your hair, no matter what type and texture you are dealing with.

If you want to take care of your hair, use only the best products. Check out the selection of hair products and accessories offered by Osensia. You’ll find a wide variety of products suitable for curly, straight, and wavy hair types.