Sunshine & Split Ends: How to Naturally Protect Your Tresses Against Sun Damage

Sunshine & Split Ends: How to Naturally Protect Your Tresses Against Sun Damage
over 1 year ago

Worry no more, for now, you will learn the secrets of having your hair protected naturally.

Regardless of the season, we all want to ensure our hair looks gorgeous and at its absolute best. However, did it ever come to mind that no matter what you do, the sun's rays have their own ways to affect your hair?

The same way it damages the skin, the heat from the sun may cause damage to the scalp and hair, too. So maybe it’s high time that you learn how to protect your tresses, not only from the sun, but also from humidity.

3 Reasons to Protect Your Tresses Against the Hot Summer Sun

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Every day, your hair is exposed to the sun. However, it is during summer time when it experiences the most damage. But why protect the hair when in fact it’s just made up of dead cells?

Here are three reasons:

1. You don’t want your hair to become dull and lifeless.

Yes, you probably have the healthiest hair. But during summertime, your hair can turn dull and lifeless. This happens because the sun will dry out your strands. Likewise, the increased humidity will only cause your hair to fall flat.

2. You don’t want to suffer hair problems.

Dust buildup and sweat can put your hair at risk for hair problems like split ends and dandruff. The worst thing that could possibly happen is that you’ll suffer excessive hair loss or hair thinning.

3. You don’t want it to become excessively dry.

The hot summer weather can be a bit harsh on your scalp. Not only will it cause too much dryness, it can also result in sunburns. Unfortunately, many people believe that the hair serves as a protective barrier for the scalp. But truth be told, it does not.

Now, the real question is how do you protect your tresses from potential sun damage?

How to Protect Your Tresses

Sunshine & Split Ends: How to Naturally Protect Your Tresses Against Sun Damage

There are many ways to protect your tresses against sun damage. We've listed some easy ways below:

1. Have a fresh haircut or hairstyle.

Whether you have short or long hair, the weather always has an effect on your locks, especially on your ends. It can either cause it to become brittle or turn them really dry. Both don’t actually look good.

Every now and then, you should try to give yourself a haircut. Experts suggest you trim your hair at least once every three months to get rid of split ends and keep your tresses in good condition.

2. Choose the right hair care products formulated for color-treated hair.

Is your hair color-treated? Then you should have an added hair care routine to protect it against the hot summer sun.

When combined with the burning heat, chemical treatments can cause your hair color to fade. Even worse, they can damage your hair, resulting in dryness. The best thing you can do is to get the right natural hair care products formulated for your color-treated tresses.

Here's a handy tip. If you wish to alter your hair color to match your summer OOTD, be sure you do it at least a month before the sun’s heat hits hard.

3. Condition!

Now, if you suspect that the sun has already damaged your hair, there is still something you can do. Restore the moisture in your strands by using a nourishing and moisturizing conditioner. But of course, you should carefully choose one that matches your hair texture and type.

Here's another expert tip. If you plan to swim in the ocean or pool, be sure you apply a conditioner or natural oil first. That way, you can protect your tresses from the chlorine or salt particles present in the water.

4. Shampoo properly.

It is not recommended to shampoo every day. According to hair care experts, you should shampoo your hair only at least thrice a week. On those days when you don’t apply shampoo, a good lukewarm water rinse will already suffice.

If you feel that your locks are already very sweaty and greasy, better use a dry shampoo. Be sure you put the focus on your scalp and not on your strands.

5. Avoid heat styling tools.

Since you will be exposing your hair to the sun’s heat, it’s reasonable that you avoid the use of heat styling tools like blow dryers and flat irons. If you feel the need to use a blow dryer, use a professional hair dryer diffuser along with it. You can also opt for the low-temperature setting. Using a heat protectant spray can also do the trick.

6. Consider using an overnight hair treatment.

Sure, you can also prep your hair for heat exposure with an overnight hair treatment. What you should do is simply apply a leave in conditioner starting from the roots to the tips. And then, wrap your hair with a cotton towel. Leave the conditioner overnight. In the morning, you will be surprised with your smooth and manageable hair.

7. Use a dry shampoo.

We've already mentioned the use of dry shampoo above, but do you know what exactly it is? It's your hair’s new BFF.

At times when you feel that your hair is too oily, relax. Instead of running to the bathroom to wash your hair. Go and grab a natural dry shampoo. This product does a great job of absorbing all the excess oils in your hair without causing the scalp to produce more.

Be wary, though. Using dry shampoo can be addictive. That is because it will save you lots of time, especially in the morning when you’re running late for school or work.

8. Wear a hat.

Yes, the easiest and most convenient way to protect your tresses from the hot summer sun is to simply wear a hat. If a hat is not available, you can use a scarf. Then again, if those head gears are not your style, just apply a leave-in conditioner that is formulated with SPF.

9. Consider using a swimming cap in the pool.

Swimming can be a bit harsh on your locks. The pool water can completely get rid of the natural oils present in your hair. To keep that from happening, it is best that you wear a swimming cap. Better yet, apply your favorite natural oil like coconut oil before taking a dip.

Once you are out of the swimming pool, rinse your locks with a paraben-free and sulfate-free shampoo. It can eradicate any harsh effects of chlorinated water on your locks.

10. Use the right comb.

You probably have that one hair brush you can’t live without. But do you think it’s doing good for your crowning glory? Experts say that you should always use a wide-tooth comb or brush. It can effectively detangle your locks after a long day under the sun. It can also help prevent breakage while combing.

It's also worth having all other hair brush types. That way, you would have something to grab and use in the event that the situation calls for it. For instance, if you wish to dry your hair with a blow dryer, know that there is an appropriate hair brush for that. The same applies to hair styling and other hair care routines.

11. Drink plenty of fluids.

Yes, you probably did everything to protect your tresses from the harmful effects of the sun. But if you are not drinking enough amounts of water, all your efforts are worthless. You won’t be able to keep your tresses beautiful and gorgeous.

When you keep yourself properly hydrated, not only will your hair benefit, your skin will, too. So, make it a habit to refresh yourself with cooling liquids every now and then. If possible, include fruits and vegetables in your diet. It's the ultimate secret to keep your tresses protected during summer.

More Secret Tips

Sunshine & Split Ends: How to Naturally Protect Your Tresses Against Sun Damage

Speaking of secrets, here are other secret tips to help keep your locks tamed and gorgeous despite the raging heat:

1. Use apple cider vinegar.

If you wish to get rid of dandruff and make your hair shinier and cleaner, you may consider rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar. It is best if you can find an organic variant for better results.

2. Revive damaged hair with egg and mayonnaise.

If your hair has suffered major damage, then whip up your own treatment with some eggs and mayonnaise. All you need to do is mix 1 egg white with ¼ cup of mayonnaise and yogurt. Whip them together and massage into your strands. Leave it on for an hour and rinse it with lukewarm water.

In Conclusion

Sunshine & Split Ends: How to Naturally Protect Your Tresses Against Sun Damage

The sun’s UV rays can be a nightmare for your locks. That is why many ladies and gents prefer to hide under their roofs and tuck themselves in PJs.

But since you've known enough secrets already, there’s no stopping you from stepping out of your home. Even when it’s summer, you can go out and spend hours under the sun. As long as you consider the hair care tips we listed in this short post, then you should be all good.

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