5 Important Tips for Buying Iron Supplements

5 Important Tips for Buying Iron Supplements
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Iron deficiency is one of the most common types of nutrient deficiency. This problem is especially more common in women because of menstruation and child bearing. Thankfully, you can easily address the problem of iron deficiency by buying and taking iron supplements. Here are some tips to guide you when you would like to buy iron supplements.

1. Go for Iron Supplements Only If You Are Iron Deficient

Before you choose the best iron supplement, you need first to determine whether you are actually anemic or iron deficient. Having symptoms such as frequent headaches, lightheadedness and fatigue does not necessarily mean that your body is lacking iron. There could be another underlying health problem that manifests with symptoms similar to those of iron deficiency.

Therefore, you need to get a medical practitioner’s opinion before you start shopping for the best iron supplement. In some cases, iron supplements along may not successfully treat severe lack of iron and you may also be required to increase you intake of vitamin C to increase iron absorption. A doctor will advise you accordingly after examining you.

2. Determine the Form of Iron That You Like

Iron supplements come in different forms including capsules, liquid and tablets. On the basis of your lifestyle, you should select a form that best suits you. Iron capsules that come in a capsule form which can be taken even without food are a good example of the best iron supplements side effects since you can take them any time.

5 Important Tips for Buying Iron Supplements

3. Find out the Exact Dosage That You Require

Finding out the exact dose of iron supplements that you require can help you avoid overdosing on the supplements. Too much iron can cause damage to the liver and lead to severe health problems. Some of the mild and severe problems that are associated with an overdose of iron include fever, jaundice, headache, low blood pressure, shocks, shortness of breath, racing heartbeat, weak pulse, seizures, and skin that appears grayish or bluish.

The best way to tell the amount or supplemental iron that you need is to let your doctor do a blood test. Based on the results of the test, the doctor will recommend the amount of iron that you need.

4. Check the Quantity of Elemental Iron

Iron supplements are commonly available as ferrous sulphate, ferrous gluconate and ferrous fumarate salts. Another type of iron salt is ferric pyrophosphate, which is found inside liposomes and is thus referred to as liposomal iron. The rate of absorption of liposomal iron is higher compared to all the three other forms.

The quantity of elemental iron is important because different forms of contain different levels of iron but the rates of absorption of the iron vary.

5. Check the Iron Supplements Side Effects

The common side effects of iron intake include constipation, a metallic taste in mouth, dark stools, and stomach upset. You can avoid some of the iron supplements side effects by choosing products such as the Orzax Liposomal Iron capsules, which are non-constipating, gentle on the stomach, and have no metallic taste.