Ahhhhh Flotation Therapy - A 60 Min Vacation?

Ahhhhh Flotation Therapy - A 60 Min Vacation?

We toured Mystic Float. What we were most impressed with was the knowledge and passion of the owners.

What is this Mystic Float?

Being interested in our life, and life in general, we couldn't wait for our tour.

Flotation Therapy is natural method for relief of pain and stress, and allows a higher meditative state and increased overall health.

Did you know?  The deep relaxation that you’ll experience with a one-hour float session at Mystic Float is equivalent to approximately 4-6 hours of sleep.

Good For The Body

Sore muscles? Floating will increase your circulation, promote greater muscle relaxation and reduce the physical stress on your body. Through floating, active individuals can experience a decrease in their recovery time after physical activity.

Good For The Mind

Communication Breakdown In Couples

Floating can help you attain mental stillness and deepen your perspective on the issues you face day-to-day. You’ll find your focus is enhanced allowing you to solve problems more easily and create new ideas.

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