Nature's Emporium #BurlON @naturescanada does not disappoint

Nature's Emporium #BurlON @naturescanada does not disappoint

So, being the health and life conscious people we are at YOUR VIDA we thought we should take a trip to Nature's Emporium

First Impression

Well, one walk through the door and we were hooked.  We couldn't help but think two things as we stopped to take a look.

1 Organized.

2. "I can't believe how many products there are that are healthy"

We also started to wonder if the foods we eat that are mass produced every single day were really that different?

We thought about the pesticides, the preservatives and we quickly realized that its a lot "easier" to make things faster.

But we are not so sure this makes perfect sense.

What we loved the most

Here is what we loved most about Nature's Emporium.... They offer store tours!

Amazing.  Come in and learn.  Now doesn't that sound YOUR VIDA?

Take one look around Nature's Emporium and you realized more than ever people are taking care to produce things for us with real value.

Look at all of these soups

Everybody loves a hearty soup.  Nature's Emporium has selection that suits the taste of everyone.  At $7.99 for two bowls of soup that are not filled  with salt sounded really good to us.  Look at all of these flavours.

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Soups - Homemade Goodness

Did you know that...

Nature's Emporium has baby an entire section dedicated to baby products.  Not only did we find healthy food, but we found safe, thoughtfully sourced stuff for kids.  At the very least, worth a look for our most precious resource.

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Hard Good Aisle Too

For the deal lover in you! Subscribe to their  flyer!

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Natures Emporium Flyer

Conclusion, we hope you have a look at Nature's Emporium. It's what we have been asking for at YOUR VIDA Burlington.

Maybe, just maybe, Nature's Emporium will be one of our providers of HEALTHY RECIPES.

Check them our for sure @ Nature's Emporium