The BEST wings in Burlington Controversy

The BEST wings in Burlington Controversy

We have no fear that we are setting off a huge argument here. But the BEST wings in Burlington are not where you think!!!

First of all, what makes us an authority?

Let's see, what does it tell you if we grew up across the border in the 70s and 80s from Buffalo?  That's right, we ate more 10 cent wings than most of you have had wings in your life time.  Not to mention for likely 25 years running one night a week after hockey, hot wings and blue cheese were the ONLY dish to satisfy the pairing of a cold beer.

Without Further Adieu

The best wings in Burlington, Ontario, Canada are....from...

Bombay's Chutney! That's right. That classy little Indian food restaurant on the corner of Walker's Line and Dundas (HWY5) makes the best wings in the city.

First of all, the taste!

If you haven't tried tandoori anything, you haven't lived.  Dry spices marinated for hours and a flavour unlike anything else. The Tandoori wings are absolutely melt in your mouth perfect.

Second, how they are cooked!

You see the wings at Bombay's Chutney are cooked in a Tandoor pot. and take 20 minutes to cook properly.  Now, we are not against a deep fried wing or two or more, but to know that these chicken wings are cooked slowly without the deep fryer earns some serious points.

Not to mention, the wings come with a really nice cilantro chutney for dipping. Having lived in Malaysia and eaten my fair share of tandoori chicken you are NOT going to be disappointed.

Third, I shouldn't tell you this...

The price.  These wings are the BEST deal in town.  I will let you figure it out by checking out their full menu.

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