Only 4 more days!! Huh? Till what?

Only 4 more days!! Huh? Till what?

No, not 4 more days till Christmas, 4 more days until the days start getting longer.


Look back and reflect during these "dark" days.

When a change or inflection point is on the horizon, it could be a good opportunity ahead.  So before the days get longer, take some time to think about what you may have been affected by in 2019.

Ask yourself the difficult questions.

What would you do differently? What should you be celebrating? What might you want to change? How are YOU going to affect things when the days do get longer?

The Dark Days

Use them as a motivator.

For many of us, here in the northern hemisphere, no matter how long we have been around, the long days still have us saying, "it's so dark, so early".  It's an interesting thought as we know the short days are coming, but somehow, they still fascinate us, or drive us up a wall.

But as January and February approach and the days are generally still long, think about how these next two months can be a catalyst to thinking about what you wish to do as the days do get lighter.

Do you want to work hard in these two months so that you hit the ground running in the spring?  Do you want to get physically active? Going to the gym in January and February as hard as it is, is a real testament to your strength. It's so easy to curl up in a ball over the next few months.  What are you going to do?

Do you want to start taking yoga? Do you want to spend less time with your phone and more time with your kids?

The dark days can force you to spend a bit of time thinking.  Thinking is never bad if you do so with good intentions.

These next "dark" days will set your tone for 2020.


Change can be good!

As you reflect during the dark days and set your plans in motion for when the days get longer, let it be known that there are lots of good things that lie ahead.  There are going to be things out of your control and things that frustrate you.

For how you handle things on dark days will reflect how you are on the brighter days.

It's going to be a great year!

Think about the people you need to appreciate and appreciate them over the next few weeks. Whatever family we have come to inherit, it's family. Love them.

Think about the 2-3 changes you are going to make. Not 20.

Think about the way you are going to react to people that frustrate you.

Think about how you are going to hug your kids more.

Think about the new people you are going to get to know and the new relationships you are going to make.

It's going to be the best year yet. No Question.

And it all starts with 4 dark days!

What are you going to do with the dark days ahead?

Happy new year, folks!