Write It Down

Write It Down

You want to make changes? Write it down..

Improve your odds

We are going to keep this as simple as we can.

Writing a GOAL or task down can increase the odds of success.

Start by writing down why.

If you write down why you wish something to happen, your are bound to set off on the right foot.

Think about specifics

Don't be afraid to set reasonable end goals.  "I want to wake up at 6am everyday", "I want to spend more time with my friends".  It doesn't matter what you want to do. By setting goals, you are going to be closer to acheiving them.

Break it down in chunks (tasks)

There is nothing more frustrating than setting the bar too high and not reaching it. Set tasks that are small and acheivable.  E.g. Clean the Kitchen. 1) Task - Organize Pantry.  This is a much more manageable than cleaning the kitchen at once. But along the way to your goals, you can still feel good.

Additionally, why not get to the end game, slow and steady. It's the action items that matter. So having a clear plan can help.  And you can write it down on the back of an envelope.  Google Keep, can help you create good lists.


You know, whatever you do, it should feel good accomplishing what you want. Take rests, think about how good it feels to complete something. Be Happy.

Here is a good little article on lists being good for your brain.