You Have Gotta Try This #burlon - @tampcoffeeco

You Have Gotta Try This #burlon - @tampcoffeeco

This week, we bring you Tamp Coffee Co. 2 locations in downtown Burlington, to serve you. Check this out!

Tamp Coffee is  Culture.

Everytime, you walk into Tamp Coffee, consider are going to relax, and enjoy the next 30 mins or more of your life.

Explaining the concept of relaxation and unwinding can only be describe through, Tamp. Slow, hand poured coffee, rich espresso and a scene and pace out of Europe, Tamp Coffee, hits our YOUR GOTTA TRY THIS #burlon list with great experience.

Tamp is owned by barista Jimmy Zereneh. Everything they claim comes true.

Jimmy or his staff will greet you and you are guaranteed full attention to your brew. Now with 2 locations, the passion for coffee is available in Downtown Burlington in 2 locations.

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Tamp Coffee Owner Jimmy Zereneh

Tamp is Passion

What we like about Tamp, is also their passion to educated others about the world of coffee. Each coffee is cupped and tasted in four different brewing methods and accurate temperatures to ensure the best possible taste.

If that's not enough?

Tamp bakes in house daily, including gluten free and vegan options. Almond and soy milk alternatives are also available for our lactose intolerant friends!

So, Burlington, You Gotta Try Tamp Coffee Co.