SharePoint Benefits That Can Improve Productivity of Business

SharePoint Benefits That Can Improve Productivity of Business

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration platform integrated with Microsoft Office. It is a secure platform for businesses to store, share, organize data.

It is a secure platform for businesses to store, share, organize, and access data from almost any device and from anywhere. Operating as an intranet, SharePoint offers seamless collaboration and document storage. The primary aim of SharePoint is to make it possible for a business with a number of employees to work with the same level of agility and coordination.

Some companies don't take full advantage of SharePoint. It is a globally used system and one of the most secure and powerful business applications, but a few utilize its endless capabilities. So, in this blog, we are discussing key ways by which Microsoft SharePoint helps your business to thrive in today’s competitive age.

Centralized Data

You might have a company server where you store all of your work documents. The issue is that these files can only be accessed when one is physically present in the office or connected to the internal network through a VPN. Meanwhile, your employees will also be saving documents on their personal computers that can’t be accessed and likely aren’t being backed up.

Microsoft SharePoint provides your business a centralized place to share documents, data, and even project status information that is accessible from any device anywhere. It’s just like moving your company file server online so that everyone can easily access information and save data from any device they are using. No slow VPN connection or driving back to the office is needed.

Employee Mobility & Remote Access

With the changing time, employees increasingly require instant access to critical business apps from any location and any time. For this, businesses started embracing remote accesses, mobility, and bring-your-own-device drives. SharePoint services does the same. By using it, one can access the business data from anywhere in the world and from any device they are using.

Along with this, employees can also collaborate with each other from remote locations. It means they can open, edit and review critical documents at any time from any device.

Streamline Processes & Save Time

Sharing information is one thing and getting the team to use that information to coordinate efficiently and get the work done is another. With SharePoint, you can create workflows, helping you streamline your business processes.

For instance, instead of sending an email to a team member when you need them to do a task, you can simply assign the task and check the project's status within SharePoint. You can even receive notifications when there is any change in a document and save your time that otherwise be spent on searching for updates. Moreover, you can collect online signatures and control document approvals, saving time on things like invoices, vacation requests, or quotes.

Searchable Data

Losing a document is a common thing, and you might spend way too much time digging through the network folders trying to find that specific document. With SharePoint, it has become easier. It includes a comprehensive search feature that scans the entire intranet, including files metadata, names, and contents. For more convenience, you can even add searchable metadata to your documents, such as account numbers, ID numbers, and some other identifiers.


Every business is different; a small business has different needs as compared to large enterprises. SharePoint online is a development tool, and you can easily create and add enhancements to meet your business needs. There are countless ways to customize the platform to suit your business needs as well as employees’ needs.

Just like any other standard website, you can customize the SharePoint intranet site with navigation, content, and design that goes with your business. It has a user-friendly interface which means that you don’t need any technical experience or call for IT support whenever you need to make a change. Many businesses at the start use SharePoint’s standard functionality and, with time, customize it according to business development.

Security and Compliance

With constant threats from hackers, hardware failure, natural disasters, every business should be concerned about keeping the sensitive data secured and backed up. Microsoft SharePoint’s benefits include compliance features and advanced security settings that keep your business data safe.

Cloud backup services and powerful data encryption protect your data once it’s stored. SharePoint also provides extensive control regarding how you can store your data and who can access it. If you lack IT support, many SharePoint Migration service providers like Xavor can help you set up Microsoft SharePoint with the proper settings for data access and storage.


Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful platform offering countless benefits for businesses of every size. From data management to colleague searches, this software offers a range of solutions to make corporate teams work as successfully as possible. It streamlines the business activities, increases productivity, and leads to reduced costs in day-to-day operations.

Numerous vendors offer SharePoint migration and update services. One such company is Xavor Corporation. Xavor is a Microsoft and Oracle Partner company offering a range of technology solutions to enterprises looking to optimize their business processes.