Textured Melamine Panels Product Review

Textured Melamine Panels Product Review
almost 3 years ago

Are you looking for a good material for your cabinets in the kitchen? Hard time deciding on the many options of materials? Do you want something that looks beautiful yet cost effective and durable? Then Melamine panels might be the perfect material.

Melamine panels are constructed out of paper coupled with melamine glues which are pressed together at high temperature. The resulting material consists of panels with a surface that is closed, pore-free, scratch, wear, heat and discoloration resistant. It’s easier to manufacture, more versatile in application and production, and longer lasting and resilient. Melamine can be patterned and colored to resemble wood texture so it mimics the wood pattern of natural wood. Many textured melamine products are Greengold Certified which mean you get environment friendly sustainable products to use in your finished products.

The Legno Collection combines unique textures and patterns resulting in a product that will leave you amazed! Consisting of elegant dual-sided surfaces with texture-matched grains, Legno provides such realistic wood patterns and texture-matched grains that you won’t be able to tell the difference. If a warm rustic feeling or completely fresh modern feel is your aesthetic then you will certainly appreciate the Legno.

However, our Artika and Rain Collections even surpass the Legno if you are a bold designer looking to bring interior design to the next level. They provide enhanced textures with realistic and trendy patterns that offer the perfect solution for the kitchen, bathroom or even garage. Artika provides a wider textured look whereas Rain offers a tighter ariant. You can view the samples for all three of them on our site at nwpsocal.com where you will be able to view the shades and variants they are available in. The following images show the difference:

Walnut Pittoni has a classic wood texture and aggressive penetration

Walnut Pittoni - Classic wood grains coupled with an aggresive depth

Walnut Pittoni

National Wood Products

Mezzo Cherry, modernistic as well as clean in texture

Mezzo Cherry - clean and modern with a fresh complementing look

Mezzo Cherry

National Wood Products

Trento Oak is the epitome of artistic fervor and provides an aesthetic look

Trento Oak - distressed aestethics and bold cathedrals

Trento Oak

National Wood Products

Textured Melamine Panels are resistant to surface corrosion which makes them able to handle whatever punishment you may inflict. They are durable, easy to manufacture and offer versatility in the form of colors, sizes and thickness. They are strong and stiff, and won’t bend under pressure, which makes them ideal for high load applications such as furniture, bookcases, cabinets, etc. They are cheaper than conventional wood but the main thing is that they are very durable and will last for many years. National Wood Products has the motto to always provide the best quality to our customers and we stick by it, rest assured, that’s exactly what you’ll get.