Plunge Into The Social Media App Market With Clubhouse Clone

Plunge Into The Social Media App Market With Clubhouse Clone

Launch an app like Clubhouse and capture the top place in the audio-based social media app industry.

If you are a social media freak, of course, everyone is nowadays, but let’s go with the flow. So, assuming that you’ve been hanging out on social media platforms like for a few weeks (again, just thinking, you know why), you would have heard this buzzword called ‘Clubhouse.’

After spending some time on Google, we assume that you are here to know about it in detail. And we won’t disappoint you. The answer to what the Clubhouse like app is right here.

What Is The Clubhouse?

It is the new and highly-exclusive social media app that is available for only those members who are invited in, unfortunately. Out of which, many of them are celebrities like Oprah, Ashton Kucher, and Jared Leto. The Silicon Valley obsession had just 3,500 members worldwide at the start of December, and it’s not even the end of month, now it has over 100k members. Oh, and not to forget that the app is still just in private beta mode.

How Does The App Work?

Listing out the social media platforms, we can count on Twitter for its words, Instagram for its pictures, and Clubhouse for revolving around audio.

This year, where we all were connected via Zoom, Clubhouse acts as a platform where all the backgrounds, walk-ins, and visual interactions can be forgotten as it solely focuses on the conversation.

Inside the app, you can see ‘rooms’ of groups talking, where you could join in or hop out anytime. You could listen to their conversations, and you can ‘raise your hand’ so that you can get invited to contribute.

It also means that you can listen to debates, performances, lectures, book clubs, jamming sessions, and comedy clubs, where you cannot record. As an alternative way, though, you can start your conversations with friends or strangers, just like you do at house parties.

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On the whole,

we hope that this helped you like a navigation guide. There are already many social audio-only apps that are making their way into the market. Therefore, it is best if you could enter into the future with the best social audio-only app with the Clubhouse Clone. Make sure that you contact the best development company like Appdupe for a sleek app. Hurry now!

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