Developing an ingenious app for your car rental business

Developing an ingenious app for your car rental business

At Appdupe, we provide you 360-degree comprehensive car rental app development solutions at economical prices.

Cars are the most comfortable, luxurious, and preferred vehicle by many of us. Although cars are most preferred by many of us, not everybody has the luxury to afford a car, and the cost of maintaining the car goes without saying. A car rental software aids the customer in renting a car for a particular period. Thereby the customer gets exclusive access to the vehicle and can use it at their comfort.

Different kinds of rental services that can be integrated into the car rental scripts are as follows.

Day booking

The customers can book the car for a day and can access it.

They can book it based on the nearby availability and location of the car. The booking gets terminated, and the customer can pay for the rental car service they availed

Hourly booking

The customer can book the car for a specific period. The fare and a rental charge are calculated only for the hours that the customer requested for the vehicle.

Outstation booking

In this rental service, the customers can avail of the car for a couple of days and use it for going outstation. The customers can also rent the car for a couple of days within the locality by paying the nominal fee.

Few key features included in the app are as follows,

Social Media Login

The users can easily log in using their phone number, mail id, or even social media accounts like Facebook.

Select Car Models

The users have a wide range of cars to select from. They can choose the car model they wish based on the location and availability.

Toggle Driver Availability

This feature allows drivers to work at hours based on their availability. They can include their availability with the toggle option.

Work History

Customers and drivers can check to keep track over the bookings and services

Secure payment

The customers can carry out a safe and secure digital payment process.

An app development company that provides car rental app development services should offer turnkey solutions, scalable products, powerful admin dashboards, white-labeled solutions, native mobile apps deployment, and cost-effective features.

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