Benefits of using Lynk clone app

Benefits of using Lynk clone app

For those entrepreneurs eyeing to invest in the flourishing logistics sector, Appdupe offers a top-of-the-line Lynk Clone app development

Lynk is the best truck booking app. Lynk offers an efficient and smooth service in transporting large quantities of goods. As of 2019 Lynk app has received a revenue of ₹15 crores. Developing an on-demand truck booking app for your truck services can be smart to gain customers back to back.

Advantages of using a truck booking app :

1) Easier to get a reach among the customers than the traditional way of a word to word marketing.

2)It is comfortable for the customers to book a truck right from the comfort of their home.

3) The customers can also live-track the truck they reserved. It helps to avoid the panic of the uncertainty of the truck arriving on time.

4) It is easier for entrepreneurs to monitor the whole business from a single platform

5)The ratings and feedback from the customer help to improvise and update the app.

Instead of developing a new app for your truck business, the Lynk clone app can be used. It is ready-made, cost-effective, and can also be produced in a short period.

Benefits of using Lynk clone app :

1)It is highly customizable and allows you to change themes, icons, UI as per your business needs.

2)The app receives a high amount of traffic, which enables it to accumulate customers and truck bookings.

3) Real-time GPS tracking allows the drivers to reach the customer's place on time. The customers and the admin can also monitor the truck through their active panel.

4)Easy-to-use payment systems enable the transaction of money between customers and service providers. Also, there is a fixed charge for the truck, depending on the truck's size and the distance of the destination. This helps avoid the conflict while negotiating the fare.

5) The app is user-centric, and the user-friendly and minimalistic feature rich-UI of the app will make the customers use it for their future needs as well.