Know the budget and the cost of Amazon Clone App Development

Know the budget and the cost of Amazon Clone App Development

Are you interested in plunging into the ecommerce market? Then, Appdupe’s white-labelled Amazon clone is what you need.

There're a lot of factors that influence the cost of development for an eCommerce app like Amazon is an app built to perfection for taking a huge step forward in how the general public views and accesses eCommerce platforms. There are several reasons why the Amazon app has generated billions of dollars in revenue through sales and gathered a huge number of users that are loyal to the app. The most prominent reason would be the design and development of the app and its features.

The features implemented in the Amazon app has over a dozen features that make the users’ experience smooth when browsing through an endless list of products. Features like instant searches, smart filters, voice search, wallet pay, etc., take time to develop and perfect. If the feature's implementation doesn’t click with the app, then users will ignore it or, worst case, leave a bad review. Therefore it becomes essential to take a ridiculous amount of time and effort to develop an app like Amazon.

Here are some factors that majorly influence the cost of Amazon Clone App Development


The number of features to add would primarily affect how big your project is. The more features you add, the more expensive it gets.

Technology stack

This refers to the platform you want to run your apps on, the different technologies it requires and the integration of all those front-end and back-end components

Team’s location

The cost of development is cheaper in Asian countries, where the average pay starts from $60 and goes up to $180. The average cost of the same service would be from $100-250$. Try not to compromise on quality by focusing too much on saving money.

Team’s size and experience

The number of team members involved would factor as they have to be paid individually regardless of how the money reaches them. The team's experience also matters because experienced developers charge more since they know what they are capable of.

Time taken(calculated in hours)

The total hours worked is taken into account multiplied by the hourly pay. This roughly estimates the total cost of the project.

Wallet integration

More payment methods are handy to the customer, but it takes capital to set up various payment methods in an app.

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