Amazon Clone - Start Your Ecommerce Business Swiftly With An App Like Amazon

Amazon Clone - Start Your Ecommerce Business Swiftly With An App Like Amazon

Are you interested in plunging into the ecommerce market? Then, Appdupe’s white-labelled Amazon clone is what you need.

As individuals, we all are quite intrigued about shopping online. It gives us a whole different feeling of shopping from a comfort zone. This sphere created by us paved the way for the ecommerce market to boom. In this blog, let us discuss the facets of launching an ecommerce app like Amazon.

What is an Amazon clone script?

The Amazon clone app is a ready-to-launch ecommerce platform for you to start your ecommerce business. It is a replicated version of the standard app. It will have the same distinctive features as the original Amazon app.

Notable features to include in the Amazon app clone

A well-featured Amazon clone will have the following features,

Ravishing home screen

The Amazon clone should have a ravishing home screen with colorful themes depicted in it. You can display and highlight your products along with your testimonials and FAQs.

Easy registration

An easy registration process will attract large users to your app. So, create an easy registration procedure where they can sign in through their username, email address, phone number, etc.

Advanced search bar

The advanced search bar should be developed in the app for the users to search their products effortlessly.

Add to cart

To create a whole shopping experience for the users, you should include an add to cart option. So, the users can easily add their products to the cart and proceed to the checkout page.

Real-time tracking

You can update your users about their orders at each stage by allowing them to track their orders in real-time. They can easily track their order request and delivery status through this.

Multiple payment options

Develop your app to accept payment through more than one payment option. You can include a range of options like card payment, net banking, mobile wallets, etc.

Summing up,

Entrepreneurs with an aim to conquer the ecommerce market can be involved in developing an app like Amazon.

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