Join The Race Of Audio-based Applications With An App Like Clubhouse

Join The Race Of Audio-based Applications With An App Like Clubhouse

With Appdupe’s Clubhouse clone app, you can also enter the market as a tough competitor for Clubhouse.

Audio-based social media apps are setting the trend among people. The clubhouse was the first to start this trend where people can interact with each other through audio notes. The huge success of Clubhouse has led several entrepreneurs to embark on the audio-based app trends.

This blog is exclusively for those entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities to set their mark in audio-based apps.

What is a Clubhouse clone script?

The Clubhouse clone is an alternative developed with the same distinctive features and models as the standard model. This ready-made solution will help you launch your app instantly in comparatively less time. The white-label Clubhouse app clone is customizable for you to add your creativity to it.

What are the best ways to earn your revenue from a Clubhouse clone?

  • Advertising

This is one of the best ways to generate revenue through an app. You can call upon third parties to feature their product advertisements in the app. This will earn you a considerable amount as ad-free.

  • Premium subscription

You can invite users to opt for additional features from the app through subscription models. They can pay their premium subscription and get more features from the app.

  • In-app purchases

Social platforms have become the sought-after mediums for people to purchase products. You can create a provision for the users to buy podcasts and e-books. You can generate revenue from selling your products to them.

  • Physical merchandise

In your platform, you can sell merchandise products to the users. In this way, you can generate revenue, and it is also a marketing strategy.

Summing up,

Audio-based apps are the mere future after social media apps. So investing in a Clubhouse clone at this stage will be the best decision you can make right now.

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