How Much it Costs to Build an Audio-based App Like Clubhouse?

How Much it Costs to Build an Audio-based App Like Clubhouse?

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The cost of developing an application depends upon various factors. Apps like clubhouse are known for their features. The social media app market is one of the heavily competitive markets. There is always intense competition in this market and the participants should always ensure to give their best, failing which will lead to losing their position in the market. Portraying uniqueness is a key factor to sustain in the market.

There are now many game-changers available in the market. It is called clone script and these applications are relatively cheaper which make them a considerable option. Anyway if you are looking to enter this business segment, then you should consider providing the best rather than preferring cost as the main factor. However, developing a clubhouse clone will incur quite a lot of money as it demands requirements that cannot be eliminated. The money spent on the development can only be reduced a bit, cut off is not happening. Some of the factors influencing the price are discussed down below,

Product features

The Clubhouse clone app development cost is directly proportional to the features-set, i.e., the more features you include in your app, the budget will be high. Make sure you do not miss any of the essential features. Some of them are Onboarding, Feed, Rooms, User profiles, Clubs, Privacy & Security, Live Streaming, Likes & Comments, and much more.


The design of the app will decide on the user base, the more attractive it is - will increase the traffic of the app. The design will also determine the cost of building the application.


Technology plays a vital role in influencing the cost of developing an application, the more interactive the UI will attract the crowd but more frameworks will increase the cost.

Third-party wallet and API integrations

Third-party wallet and API integration will incur additional charges.

Size and complexity of the project

The size of the project will be a key factor, if it is a large project then there will be not many compromises whereas vice-versa if the project is small. Similarly happens with the complexity of the project.

Time frame

Time frame is one of the important factors that determine the cost of developing an application. More active updates and improvements that occur often will consume more time and also the cost.

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