Attract Millennials To Shop With Your Ebay Clone App

Attract Millennials To Shop With Your Ebay Clone App

With Appdupe’s eBay clone app, you can also march into the online marketplace with a magnificent online shopping app.

Shopping is the ultimate desire of human beings, and with the advent of technology, ecommerce apps have been raised in the market. Through these online shopping apps, millennials are attracted to shop at any time they desire.

Ecommerce apps like eBay are leading the way by providing a variety of products ranging from clothes, electrical gadgets, accessories and many more. In addition, the ecommerce platform generates significant revenue by connecting the users and vendors. With a robust eBay clone app, you can also start your venture in no time.

Exclusive features of eBay clone app

The eBay clone comes with the following features,

  • Home screen

The eBay clone will feature an extensive homescreen. The home screen will list all the products that are available in the app.

  • Add to cart

The users can select their desired products from the app and add them to the cart list. You can add any number of products to the cart and proceed to bill payment.

  • Rating and review

The eBay clone allows the users to record their honest review and ratings about their products. This feature will also help the other users to know about the products before purchasing them.

  • Tracking of orders

Upon placing the orders with the app, it will send all information about their product delivery to the users. So, right from order request, shipment and order placement, everything will be updated through SMS.

  • Multiple payment methods

At the growing edge of technology, there are many payment options. So, to support that, the app provides more than one payment option for the users to pay their bills.

Summing up,

The eBay clone script is an apt model for entrepreneurs to make their foray into the ecommerce market. So, entrepreneurs can hire the best developers to launch their robust eBay clone app.

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