Dynamo Walking Cane

Dynamo Walking Cane

Dynamo Swing Cane Or Bigfoot Cane – Rated the World's Safest Walking Cane by Independent Medical Professionals in the USA. Dynamo Swing Cane made by Leaf Spring

In classes having someone spinning the cane that might be the lighter cane we'll use the can canes and put some pads on and then just close the distance really fast what happens is that cane bounces off and the person holding the cane either loses it or it gets stuck against their body and the person attacking just smashes their face what does work instead is taking a standing position a simple position and Dynamo Walking Cane thrusting straight in anytime you get in this position and you go forward in through the center line immediate direct and explosive you're gonna be very effective with cane self defense techniques that actually work so spinning is the one reason that a lot of people cannot effectively defend themselves with walking cane because they're spinning for the wrong reason now i'm a big advocate i want to teach you how to spin i want you to spin in your training and i want you to learn why you're spinning and it's some simple reasons you're going to get a lot of callous on your hand that allows you to slide the cane through your hand better.

You're going to develop better fitness when you do this cane spinning across your body whether you're standing or you might be stuck in a wheelchair or putting stuck is probably the wrong word right might be constrained to a seating position sitting at the edge of the bed or you know you're not as mobile as you used to be you have to spin in order to engage the core muscles you're going to bring your heart rate up you'll learn your body out faster the spinning is going to be very useful and important in your cross-training because it builds strength in your hands it's going to build a good situational or not situation awareness but timing and Walking Stick distance awareness of how the cane moves through space and time your proprioception all these things are going to be improved with cane spinning or combat king spinning.

However you're not going to be using the spin itself as a means of defense against a serious attacker somebody who really either has a weapon or they really mean to do your harm or multiple attackers the worst thing you can do is start to spin thinking that that is going to be like a blade on an airplane nobody wants to walk into that it's not the same thing it's not going to um it's not going to stop somebody the way you think it is yeah body awareness garen says hello matthew it's good to see you uh matthew's thinking of you matthew works with a cane one hand for um to keep himself upright and mobile to move around with he walks with the k in the other hand he's got the cane that he uses for self defense that's another perfect application of the spin holding one cane working on your balance working on your coordination being able to move and the other cane that's going to improve your overall fitness however if you now have to get into a defensive position it's better to just stand and wait and immediately as soon as the threat is determined because you have a situation where as soon as you know you have to defend yourself then commit to that thrust through the eyes.