Affordability and Quality Hid Proximity Card

Affordability and Quality Hid Proximity Card
9 months ago

HID Global provides the industry’s broadest array of card products and technologies ranging from basic single technology cards, to multi-technology and contact chip-based cards, to non-technology cards with visual security features.

With over 200 million credentials in use around the world, HID is the market leader in contactless cards for access control Requirements for convenience, data security, economy, performance and/or identification help determine the best card solution for the customer.

HID cards affordable and durable cards come standard with guaranteed compatibility with HID reader lines, available in application-specific composition materials and form factors including fobs and tags.

Enhanced by service programs like Corporate 1000, Priority Plus Card Service, Identity on Demand card personalization services or printed with the award-winning Fargo printer line, customers know that when they buy card products from HID Global, they are buying with absolute confidence.

Whether you are searching for cards to open doors, log onto computer networks, automatically collect transportation fares, use in cashless payment collections, HID is the trusted source for the delivery of secure identity solutions.

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