Hi! We're New Approach Painting.

Hi! We're New Approach Painting.

We're painters... VERY GOOD painters, both in terms of the way we use a brush and the open, responsible, honest way we do business.

We're excited to join the Home Services Network at Klusster, and we're definitely looking forward to sharing our passion for painting with you!

We'll be sharing some detailed professional tips on how to produce fantastic paint work on your own, and also taking a step back from that with some thoughts on the process, the work, the industry, and business in general. Here in our first article with the Home Services Network we'd like to introduce you to us with a few words on our philosophy: how and why we do what we do.

Hi! We're New Approach Painting.

We offer a full suite of painting, finishing, and related services for your residence or your company.

Using a special set of the best techniques old and new, and with a green conscience, we strive to be the best contractors you ever hired!

New Approach Painting is a forward-thinking boutique company. Anyone can put paint on a wall-- and we encourage it!!-- but we strive for consummate professionalism above and beyond our mastery of painting arts, making sure your experience is fantastic through-and-through... from the first phone call to the after pictures.

So how are we above and beyond what you'd expect from a painting company? Well, we're always looking for more answers to that question. We've taken a long, detailed look at painting companies, contractors, and businesses in general. Elements we truly like, we've kept; genuine best practices, we've taken to heart. Everything else-- even time-honoured business or industry standards-- we've challenged, experimented, and built upon where we can.

Hi! We're New Approach Painting.

But talk (or marketing copy) is cheap without specifics! Here are just a few.

We show up when we say we will, and if we're going to be late, we call. No time-windows. Our punctuality is as sharp as our freehand cut lines.

We issue detailed quotes for FREE and we stick to them. You get a detailed description of every step of your project, from setup to final cleanup, at a price that's set in stone. This takes hours of thoughtful work, but it's our gift to you, because we appreciate your courtesy in calling us, and we're genuinely thankful for the chance to do our best work in your home.

Onsite, we work cleanly, quickly, and quietly. We stay approachable and open to your questions at all times; we don't wear headphones and we have a no-music-unless-you've-offered policy.

We offer a wide range of services through our many partner companies. Our recommendations represent the best contractor from each field whom we've met along the journey. We'll act as a general finishing contractor and manage your entire project, or we'll give you the names of the best plumber, electrician, or window cleaner we've had the pleasure of working with in the past. Our recommendation is not easy to earn; we won't share your project with anyone whose standards aren't as high as our own!

Hi! We're New Approach Painting.

If you have old paint in storage, we'll remove and recycle it for free-- even if we're just showing up for a quote or a colour consultation!

If you'd rather not budget for professional painting, you can contact us for free advice on your project! We believe information wants to be free and expertise is best when shared.

Of course, we retain a full liability insurance policy and our employees are protected by insurance with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

We could go on, but there's painting to be done... maybe at your place? If you'd like to contact us or find out more, please click here for our website or here for our Facebook page.

Hi! We're New Approach Painting.