Peach Sapphires Gemstones

Peach Sapphires Gemstones

Peach Sapphire is a versatile gemstone of the mineral family corundum. This gemstone has a chemical formula- aluminum oxide (Al2O3), with traces of iron and chromium which are responsible for imparting a unique pastel color palette ranging from orange-yellow to orange-red/pink. If you are also looking to buy peach Sapphire gemstone online, you should always get it from a certified gemstone dealer.

The Natural Peach Sapphire Stone contains very light colors in its center and makes the stone look amazing with a brilliant color blend. Pertaining to their stunning appearance, the Peach Sapphire is becoming popular for designing beautiful engagement rings. In looks, it appears to be the rare gemstone "Padparadscha Sapphire Stone", but these two are slightly different.

Origin of Peach​ Sapphire Stone

The finest quality of original Peach Sapphire stone is obtained from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). The Sri Lankan peach Sapphire gems have the best cut and clarity. Besides Sri Lanka, other places from where peach Sapphire stone is obtained are Madagascar and Tanzania. However, the quality of Madagascar Peach Sapphire Stone is lower than the ones from Sri Lanka as it contains air bubbles which decrease its value.

Properties of Peach Sapphire Gemstone

Color- Peach Sapphire Gemstone is found in an orangish-pink color (peach) that compliments every skin tone equally.

Hardness- The authentic Peach Sapphire Crystal weighs 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Due to this, the Peach Sapphire stone is considered very hard and durable.

Cut- The Peach Sapphire is available in cuts that save its weight and luster such as oval cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, princess cut, pear-shaped cut, rectangular cut, round cut, etc. The luster and the Shine of which gemstone is quite dependent upon the cutting so the cutter should make sure that the luster and shine are not lost.

Clarity- The clarity of any gemstone highly depends upon the cut as well as the inclusions. The Peach Sapphire Stone is known to contain minor inclusions. Inclusions are natural to appear and some gemologists​ treat the stone artificially using heat or other chemicals to make it clear. For astrological purposes, one should prefer using an untreated gemstone.

Astrological Benefits of Peach Sapphire Stone

The peach Sapphire stone is known to possess incredible astrological and health benefits. Besides making beautiful pieces of jewelry, this gemstone also has importance in Vedic astrology. The original Peach Sapphire Stone helps in making the person healthier and fitter. This stone also helps in eliminating various underlying issues related to the digestive system, eye, heart, etc. Besides this, the Peach Sapphire Stone is known to heal every kind of mental health problem such as depression, anxiety, stress, etc. The Peach Sapphire crystal also helps in boosting spiritual health and makes him/her gain interest in religion and traditions.

It is very essential to notice that one should consult an Astrologer before wearing any gemstone and should only buy a certified Peach Sapphire Stone. Besides, some customs and rituals are required to be followed before wearing this or any gemstone.