The Rungu Double-Wheel e-Bike Brings Serious Power to Off-roading

The Rungu Double-Wheel e-Bike Brings Serious Power to Off-roading
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The Rungu Double-Wheel e-Bike Brings Serious Power to Off-roading

That bike is called Rungu, Rungu being a manufacturer from California that builds all the machines in the USA, although with imported parts. Rungu has been on the scene for about six years, but if you haven't heard of it yet, it's because they offer a very specialized product: a three-wheeled electric bicycle made for off-roading.

Although it is called an e-bike, Rungu is actually an electric tricycle, with a patented double fork at the front, with 26-inch wheels. The dual wheel in the front offers additional stability on even the most difficult terrain, more grip and greater contact surface, making it fly over soft sand or snow (up to 9 inches / 22.8 cm of it), can go through thick mud and loose gravel, and over rocks without problems.

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Using Ackerman's steering, the front dual wheels are spaced 22.8 cm apart. The distance between the wheels is longer than on a standard bicycle with thick tires, for a low center of gravity and to prevent the rider from touching the wheels in sharp turns. Rungu boasts that the dual wheel configuration is what sets it apart from other bikes with fat wheels.

And that's not all Rungu boasts about on this bike. Because it's lighter than an ATV and doesn't require gasoline, expensive maintenance, or additional costs, but still has a 300-pound towing capacity and is light enough to lift over obstacles, it may actually be a suitable and more convenient alternative to ATVs and dirt bikes. As such, it is ideal for off-roading, hunting trips or military use.

Rungu offers a complete line of tricycles based on the same concept of longer wheelbase with a dual front wheel configuration. A couple of them are not electric (the Kilimanjaro and the Juggernaut) and are made to give you a real workout when taking them off-road, and several are electric (Dualie, the Dualie XR and the electric Juggernaut). All models are fully customizable depending on what you need.

In the higher power configuration, available in the Dualie XR, you have a 1,120 Watt Bafang engine with an average power and two removable 52V 15 Ah Li-ion batteries, which are good for 32 miles (51.4 km) of off-road only with torque, on a single charge. Take this beast on the road or use pedal-assist, and you'll have twice the range. The top speed is 37 km / h, with a total weight supported of 150.5 kg and, as noted above, 136 kg of towing weight. The bike itself weighs about 110 pounds (49.8 kg).

With its ability to climb a 40 percent gradient, the Rungu feels at home in all kinds of settings. Braking power is provided by triple hydraulic brakes, while independent suspension on the front wheels makes most bumpy rides feel smoother.

Speaking of bumpy rides, getting close to this kind of treacherous terrain means a kind of guarantee against floors. Rungu offers APF (Anti-pinch flat) tire linings that come as standard for the heavier products, the XR (extra range) models.