Replace your roof yourself: advantages and disadvantages

Replace your roof yourself: advantages and disadvantages
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Replace your roof yourself: advantages and disadvantages

Re-roofing you: good or bad idea?

Is the roof of your house to be changed or requires repair work? Are you a handyman and wondering if redoing the roof yourself would be a good or a bad idea? This question is indeed worth asking. The other option, if not, would be to entrust the replacement of the roof to a professional roofer. Faced with such a choice, which solution is to be preferred? We will try to guide you by presenting here the main advantages and disadvantages for each of the options. In this way, you will then be able to make the best decision for you!

What are the main advantages of replacing your roof yourself?

Does the handyman side in you want to take charge of the roof replacement work? If you feel comfortable, it is true that redoing your roof on your own can have certain advantages. But be careful, make sure you first fully understand the stakes involved in this decision and inform yourself thoroughly before starting the work.

Redo your roof by yourself: a way to save on the total cost of the project

Let's be honest, the main benefit of replacing your roof yourself is the potential cost savings. It is true that roofing work generally entails quite significant costs. Redoing your roof yourself, instead of calling in a professional, can therefore allow you to pay a little less. At least in the short term!

In both cases, we must of course count the materials, which are rather expensive. But, in the context of a professional installation, there is also the labor which increases the bill. For a knowledgeable handyman, who is already well equipped for such work and who takes all his precautions, there is therefore room to save on the total price of the project.

The possibility of carrying out the work at the time of your choice

Another aspect that can be seen as an advantage of having your roof redone yourself is the possibility of carrying out the work on your own schedule. Professional roofers sometimes have busy schedules and their availability calendar can fill up quickly. If you decide to undertake the work yourself, you can agree on the best time to carry it out.

Our tip: Remember to reserve your place quickly with a qualified roofer near you. This way, you can decide when the repair work on your roof will be done, while enjoying professional service!

What are the disadvantages to consider before redoing the roof of your house yourself?

Despite the few advantages, is it still a good idea to replace the roof of your house yourself? Obviously not. This option also has some disadvantages that are important to be aware of. Each situation is different of course but we believe that these aspects should always be taken into account in your decision. Here are our three main tips before you start replacing your roof yourself.

Pay attention to your safety

The first major inconvenience resulting from the fact of replacing the covering of your roof you is to put your own safety at risk. It is a priority to consider all potential risks before embarking on such work.

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