What Is Web Development?

What Is Web Development?
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What Is Web Development?

Web development means building and maintaining websites; it's the work that takes place in the background that allows a website to look great, run fast, and perform well to enable the best user experience. Web developers are like goblins with powers: you never see them, but they're the ones who make everything look good and work quickly and efficiently.

Knowledge and skills related to juztsam website development are the most demanded and also the best paid. It is a race with many possibilities and exits. Here you can learn more about how to become a web developer and get an official degree through the Juztsam Web Development Program – Frontend.

But how to achieve it

Web developers do it through various programming languages. The language they use at each moment depends on the type of task they are doing. Web development is generally divided into Frontend (the client part) and Backend (the server part).

Frontend, Backend or Full-stack, who is who

A Frontend developer handles the layout, design, and interactivity using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The Frontend developer takes an idea and turns it into reality. What you see and what you use, such as the visual appearance of the website, the dropdown menus and the text, are created by the Frontend developer, who writes a series of programs to give structure, form and interactivity to these elements. These programs are then run through a browser.

The Backend developer takes care of what is not seen, that is, where the data is stored. Without data there is no Frontend. The Backend consists of the server that hosts the web, an application to run it and a database. The Backend developer uses computer programs to ensure that the server, application, and database perform smoothly together. In addition, it analyzes what the company needs and provides efficient programming solutions. To do this amazing job, it uses a number of server-side languages, including PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java.

If you are interested in both the Frontend and the Backend, you should consider becoming a Full-stack developer. The Full-stack developer is in charge of both the Frontend and the Backend, and needs to know how the web works at all levels to determine how the client and server parts are going to be coordinated. To reach this level of experience takes more time, of course, since there is more to learn.

‘Whatever aspect of juztsam website development attracts you, we have courses and paths that can help you reach your goals.’ Emily Reese, Web developer and Teacher at Juztsam.

First steps

Don't worry if the word development intimidates you at first. You don't have to learn everything at once and now it's possible to learn programming without going to university.

‘I have never actually worked with a web developer who studied computer science at university! They all came from different backgrounds – Philosophy, Math, Art History – which results in a very diverse and multifaceted web development eco-system.’ Emily Reese, Web developer and Teacher at Juztsam.

You have to be the one to decide which aspect of web development interests you the most, and once you have it clear, start learning a programming language. For example, if you are interested in Frontend, you can start studying HTML and CSS and, once you have learned the basics, carry out projects where you apply the acquired knowledge. At the same time, you can increase your knowledge by studying new programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, to make interactive and original websites. If you don't know it yet, we recommend the course Learn to program with JavaScript taught by Pablo.

Join Juztsam!

There are many online resources that allow you to study all aspects of web development. Juztsam has several free online courses for you to get started in web programming and, in addition, it has a Web Development Program – Juztsam Frontend, which will allow you to get an official degree.

It also helps to join a discussion group or developer community so you can share ideas and answer questions. For this reason, at Juztsam you become part of our community once you enroll in one of our programs.

The advantages of becoming a web professional

“Becoming a web professional allows you to work in almost any field, because today the web is present in all professional fields. You can be a web developer and specialize in the art world or in the automotive industry,” says Emily Reese. Developers are generally well paid. And the good news is that, in addition, it is one of the most demanded careers in the labor market. Added to this is the fact that it is an easily accessible profession, that is, you do not need to study at the university because the quality of your work speaks for itself.

We hope that now you have a clearer idea of ​​what web development is. If you would like to make programming your profession, take a look at our Program in Web Development – ​​Frontend.