Putting Health Back in our Hands

Putting Health Back in our Hands

Looking for a healing modality that inspires big change and offers profound results? Heilkunst is a holistic system of medicine similar to that of Naturopathy.

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Natures Vibe Health Care offers many modalities that inspire big change.

This article is about Heilkunst.

Heilkunst (a German term for “whole healing”) sets the foundation for what we’re all about at Nature’s Vibe!

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We believe we’re all empowered to change our lives by getting back to basics; not only by choosing more whole and natural foods, but radiating those healthy choices outward into the rest of our lives, working to create peace and ease in the body, mind & spirit.

According to Medical Heilkunst philosophy, true disease is a result of a type of violation or injury, caused from a shock or trauma (physical injury, surgery, drug toxicity, sudden loss of a loved one, etc). This stimulates the body’s natural defenses and symptoms result as a response to trying to keep the body in balance.

Heilkunst is a holistic system of medicine similar to that of Naturopathy, whereby, various natural health modalities (homeopathy, nutrition, supplementation, herbs, counseling, energy work, detoxification, drainage, etc) are used to help restore health and balance to the body.

“It differs in its holistic approach to using homeopathy primarily and to bring a closer focus on the mind-body connection. We look at the past and present and we use whatever tools nature has provided for us to help ensure a healthier and happier future” says Natalie Lauzon, Nature’s Vibe owner and Natural Health Practitioner.

Natures Vibes Natural Health Care

Natalie Lauzon, Owner, Doctor of Medical Heilkunst

“Taking charge of your health begins with the first step of the journey to natural healing; an opportunity for developing great health, but also very much for spiritual growth and personal development.”

Natalie Lauzon is the passionate and profoundly dedicated owner and founder of Nature’s Vibe; she is a highly knowledgeable and experienced natural health care practitioner, Canadian natural health industry expert, professional supplement formulator, published writer, motivational speaker, and health educator.

Natalie’s holistic healing practice focuses largely on empowering her clients to heal, and on Mind-Body Medicine. She credits much of her clinical success to really taking the time to listen, to care about and to educate..

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