Tips for photographing automn photos

Tips for photographing automn photos

In this part of our series, we gave you the tips for successful automn photos.

In this part of our series, we gave you the tips for successful automn photos. Find more useful tips here to make your urban or wilderness trips successful, and return home with a memory card full of the best snapshots.

Tips for photographing automn photos

Play with light and tree leaves

Among the most characteristic elements of autumn are the leaves of the trees. Use them as the main elements of some of your takes, placing the sun behind them or using them as a diagonal light (which comes from the top) for a main element contoured all around, which will give it l importance, as well as a great aesthetic sense. You can use this same lighting effect on portraits of individuals wearing coats and scarves. If the contrast is too strong, so that the main element appears as a silhouette, you can leave the result as is or fill the scene a little with a touch of flash.

Include bodies of water

Water is a very advantageous element in automn photos . To improve their appearance, resort to long exposure times (around two seconds) to give the image a more ethereal appearance, eliminating the slight movement of the wind over lakes, ponds, etc. To do this, you absolutely have to bring your tripod . Remember that a polarizing filter will help you eliminate reflections on the water and let you guess what is hiding beneath the surface. Even if due to the season, excess light should not be a problem. If you have to deal with a time that is too bright, you will need to use an ND filter.

Capture moving water

Places made up of rivers and waterfalls full of fallen tree leaves are the most popular spots for nature photographers. A tree in the foreground, a rock with a wet leaf stuck to it are elements that give greater added value to your composition. If the foreground of your photo is too trivial, do not hesitate to replace a natural element to your advantage , but always with respect for nature.

Make use of the cloudy sky

When it comes to recreating a season, there's nothing like letting the climate express itself in the image. Photos don't always have to feature a blue sky with white clouds. Very often, the big black clouds will give this aura to your pictures. But don't assume that you won't need gradient filters to correct the excessive contrast in the scene. A polarizing filter or a touch of contrast will help to reinforce the presence of clouds in the image.

Protect your batteries from the cold

One problem with low temperatures is the rapid discharge of cells and batteries . To avoid this pitfall, store your second battery in a warm place. A pocket close to your skin may suffice, thanks to the body heat that will maintain the charge level. The metal construction of the camera and parfocal lens can also work in your favor for cooling the battery. To combat this effect, try leaving it in its case or wrapped in woolen wool when not in use.