Natural Vibrations' Studio is located in Waterdown, Ontario.

As an Energist, I facilitate interactive and experiential workshops that allow participants to work with the following energy tools in order to further their personal growth and self-development and to promote their health and well-being:   crystals (stones), dowsing rods and pendulums, oracle cards. Each person has the opportunity to develop their own relationship with and understanding of the energy tools they work with.

Aqualead is a relatively new energy-based modality that I am also teaching. It is focused upon healing water in both living beings and in the environment.

The following self-healing opportunities are also offered at my home studio:

• Energy-Body Revitalization

• Crystal & Light-Energy Rebalancing

• Kundalini Reiki with Aqualead

• Pyramid-Energy Rebalancing

Remote-healing opportunities are also available for those who are unable to visit the studio in person.

Please visit for more details and contact me at 905-220-4512 or email to register or make an appointment.

- golden rays -  Brian Gray