The pure superiority of OLED TV

The pure superiority of OLED TV

Since the departure of Plasma technology, video purists have been on a quest for a performance solution of equal or greater quality.

Simply put,  when it comes to picture quality contrast is everything . Contrast is defined by the difference between the brightest white and the darkest black being displayed on a TV. The image above shows a plasma TV on the left ( once the benchmark in black level but no longer being manufactured), an OLED TV in the center and an LED TV on the right. Because OLED TV's have 4 individual self lighting LED's for every pixel, they offer the unique ability to completely  turn off each pixel, thus offering a complete absence of light, or in other words, pure black. Try and imagine this, a 4K OLED TV has 32 000 000 individual led's! LED TV's use back lit or edge lit LED's to illuminate the panel, the drawback being these LED's are always turned on causing light leakage in the areas trying to reproduce black. As seen in the image above, the OLED offers absolute black thus creating a much more dynamic high contrast image.

Another distinct advantage of OLED is that it offers a white sub pixel. LED and PLASMA TV's produce white by turning on their red, green and blue pixels simultaneously. This process causes variations in the white, which in turn produces a less accurate color hue. OLED's distinct white pixel ensures a pure accurate level of white.

Do yourself a favor and come see an OLED TV in person. The technology offers such a staggering improvement, it's almost hard to believe. Don't believe us...some of the most reputable industry magazines can't stop talking about OLED.