How to improve the sound of your digital music

How to improve the sound of your digital music

Digital music is rapidly becoming the way we listen to music. So why is it that the music sounds so poor sometimes, and how can we improve the sound quality?!

With streaming audio services like Google Play Music or Tidal, and now high res digital audio at our disposal, we turn to our cell phones and laptops as our primary sources to listen to music.

A digital to analog converter (DAC) is the main processor for sound and typically comes built into the device of choice for playback. A DAC converts the incoming digital file of 1’s and 0’s into an outgoing analog signal which is translated into sound. In a lot cases, the built in DAC's don't have to ability to play a good quality digital file to it's full potential. In order to fix this, there are small devices called outboard DAC's such as the Audioquest Dragonfly that simply plug into the USB port on your laptop or cell phone (Android and iPhone compatible) with appropriate adapters and will give you a high end audio processor that can then be connected to your home audio receiver, car stereo, or headphones.

What these devices do, is take over the audio processing and improve the signal that your current devices can not produce. They improve the sound quality from even your basic mp3's and streaming media and boosts them to almost lossless audio or CD quality. Picking the correct files or streaming service will make a significant difference in how much better your audio will sound and in turn be improved by the DAC.


Audioquest Dragonfly

When the audio source is cleaner, less distorted and with a lower noise floor, the sound becomes more dynamic thus allowing you to hear more of your music you weren't able to hear before. The bass becomes tighter and less boomy. The highs are less harsh and more open and airy sounding and staging becomes wider and more apparent. Adding a device like the Dragonfly Black or Red from Audioquest to your current digital media source is a simple addition but will add a noticeable, immediate improvement to your sound. Come into Natural Sound and we will happily give you a demonstration so you can hear the difference for yourself.