We are Here to Help Natural Product Start-Ups!

We are Here to Help Natural Product Start-Ups!

Looking for information on how to get your product to market? We can help answer questions and get new companies set up for success!

I have been to a lot of networking events recently and every time I tell someone what I do, their reaction is "Wow, I've never met someone that does that before!". Every single time.  Which got me thinking... "I'm a UNICORN!!!". I am very excited by this realization and feel because of this my company may need further clarification on how we can help companies in need of our services.

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NaturalSci Regulatory Consulting Corp. helps vitamin and supplement companies and manufacturers get their products to market by delivering professional regulatory services attuned to the Canadian NHP market using expert knowledge and industry experience with product launches.

We boast a100% success rate in obtaining Canadian NPN Licenses and have registered more than 1000 products worldwide.

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Founded in 2015, NaturalSci Reg was designed as the better way to bring your natural health products to market.

Helping our clients succeed in the Canadian NHP market, we offer a full transparency approach and ask our clients what their goals are FIRST. We build our licensing strategy around the client’s goals and offer options to getting their products onto the market.

We advocate for our clients with Health Canada to ensure the product license meets their needs and the needs of their consumers.

NaturalSci Regulatory Consulting is a proud member of the KW community and happy to answer any questions. We love the vibrant start-up community and helping local supplement start-ups with any regulatory or industry questions.

We also have very influential national and international strategic partnerships that are ready to assist any new company from idea to market through funding, business support, mentorship and referrals.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact Kyley if you have any questions: kpaul@naturalscireg.ca OR 1.519.279.8080 ext.1 or if you prefer, just click on the chat icon above and reach out!