Are Your Personal Brand Images Getting You Noticed?

Are Your Personal Brand Images Getting You Noticed?

Images speak louder than words because they set the tone and tell the story of your personal business brand before you even do. So, don't blend in.

There are certain industries that one might consider is in a crowded marketplace. There are a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners in fields such as real estate, health and nutrition, coaching, corporate etc. As a result, one has to find a unique way to be set apart from everyone else.

One of the most common occurrences I see online is that personal branding photography of business people in a given industry tend to look the same across the board. Almost everyone looks like one another. No one is distinct, so no one stands out. I understand why that is happening. Most entrepreneurs and business owners want to make sure that their images line up with the “expected” or traditional look in their industry so that they fit in and appear credible.

The problem with your personal branding images looking like everyone else’s is that you become invisible. You are like everyone else. Blending in is none other than being another sardine in a tin of sardines.

With unique and impactful images of your brand, you separate yourself from the competition because you stand out. You will have captured your audience’s attention much more quickly than your competitors because your images are not generic and they will stick in the minds of your audience like a song you can’t get out of your head. But that’s a good thing!

Furthermore, your distinct images allow your audience to connect with you by getting a glimpse of your personality, by getting to know you. Clients are drawn to people based on their personality and they cannot see who you really are if you are using a template approach to your images.

Lastly, your unique images position you as an expert in your field. Your target audience will view you as the leader in your industry because your image "speaks" out, it is the voice of your industry. You’ll be more recognizable and it lends to your credibility.

Take a look at your personal branding images. Do they seem like everyone else’s in the industry? Keep in mind that visual content, more than ever, is replacing written content. If your images are generic, you make yourself invisible to your ideal clients and not top of mind. So, stand out visually! Be noticed!

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