Oscar's Good News

Oscar's Good News

Worth the effort About 2 years ago, my husband got quite ill, with a bad cold. I was so worried about him.

He was on medication for his lungs, and he was feeling quite low in energy and no joy was in his heart. He was diagnosed with pneumonia, then double pneumonia. Things were getting desperate.  I was doing Reiki on him, and he would get somewhat  better, then slide overnight.

One night he came to me at midnight and said, I have called a cab, I am going to the hospital. Don't worry, go back to sleep.

Yes, right. I was certainly not going back to sleep, so I worried, and fretted most of the night. He said, I will be out the next day. No, he was not out the next day, they kept him in, until his heart and blood pressure, was back to normal. His  heart rate...at 140 beats per minute. I was worried. Two nights went by, and he still was in there. I had a meditation group that night, and sent him lots of energy at the end of the class on his 3rd night in the hospital. I went to my room after the class, and continued to pray for him. The room lit up, and I kept praying and sending him Reiki. I cried and cried...with joy. I knew he was receiving very special attention from divine. The next day I called him in the morning, and he said, the nurse was worried about me last night. At 8pm she said, you better ask for divine help, if you pray, do it tonight. Your heart rate is at 40 beats per minute.  This is not good. So Brian prayed, and asked for Reiki energy to assist him as well. He knew I had a meditation that night, and hoped that I would include him. When i talked to him the next day,he told me the story. By 2am that morning, or middle of night, he said the nurse came in again, to check on him. She was concerned for his well being! She was shocked, my dear she said, this is quite miraculous. Your heart rate has gone back up  to 78 beats per minute. Wow, did you pray? Yes he answered, and so did my wife, in her group last night, and after she said she sent energy and prayed for divine assistance for hours.

The power of prayer and reiki, is not be underestimated. I am in Gratitude.

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