Why Incorporate Stretches into Your Morning Routine

Why Incorporate Stretches into Your Morning Routine

Work-from-home is good to be safe COVID-19 virus. But are you actually safe and your body is perfectly fit and fine?

Work-from-home is good to be safe COVID-19 virus. But are you actually safe and your body is perfectly fit and fine?

You might be surprised by this question because the only place to be safe from the virus is at home. You will neither interact with others nor spread viruses in the community. But, the other side of the story is very different.

When you spend hours sitting in one place before the system, it leads to muscle tightness and a reduction in motion range. Not only this, but the tight muscles cause strain to neighbor muscles and joints, resulting in general lethargy and a whole range of chronic pains.

Will you now call your boss to end the work-from-home schedule? Will you seek permission from your boss to come to the office and work?

Wait, you don’t have to do this because safety from COVID-19 is also important. Instead of going out, you should incorporate some stretches in your morning routine.

Increases blood flow to muscles- With a proper stretching routine, the blood flow to muscles increases. And the increase in blood flow leads to the uninterrupted flow of oxygen levels and nutrients to the muscles.

If the flow of blood is not right, metabolic wastes like CO2, ammonia, and uric acid build-up. This leads to muscle stiffening and inflammation.

Increases physical function and mobility- If you have experienced muscle pain in the past, you might be well aware that it results in a loss of physical function. Even a daily work routine becomes a big challenge with decreased physical function and mobility.

Stretching your body early in the morning will help in increasing physical function and mobility. Your muscles will be loose and relaxed and the movement will be easier for you.

Decreases risk of chronic pains- Lack of movement in a day results in bad posture and subsequently chronic back, neck, shoulder, or hip pain. If the condition is severe, you might even suffer from herniated discs or muscle atrophy.

Stretching avoids these problems or controls the situations before they get worse. You will stay safe without even recognizing because stretching exercises are a bit easier.

What type of stretching can you do at home?

Stretching has two flavors and both these flavors are suitable for everyone. You can do yourself as well as advise others in your family. The two flavors are - Dynamic stretching and Static stretching.

Dynamic stretching means repetitive movements, which loosen up the joints. On the other hand, static stretching means holding yourself for 20-30 seconds beyond your comfortable range of motion.

If you wish to work out specific muscle groups, make sure your stretching targets those same muscle groups. You shouldn’t stretch your body randomly. This might leave a negative impact on you.

Hire a personal trainer

You might be thinking why a personal trainer just for stretching. Professional guidance is important for your safety.

A personal trainer will help you select the stretching exercises suitable only for your body. Also, he will guide you on how to do the exercises so that you don’t overdo them or underdo them. Both under and above are good. You will either get injured or your body will not get any result.