Networking for a Personal Trainer: Why and How?

Networking for a Personal Trainer: Why and How?

For any business, networking is an essential and valuable tool. It’s another name for advertising with no fuss and cost included. Business owners work

For any business, networking is an essential and valuable tool. It’s another name for advertising with no fuss and cost included. Business owners work on networking to let others know about them and build trust in potential customers and clients.

Years ago, networking was restricted to businesses, traders, and other large-scale identities. But today, sole entrepreneurs or individuals are too using networking for their growth. They are connecting with different people at different levels to increase their influence in the market.

Surprisingly, the fitness industry is also not behind. Not only gym owners, but even personal trainers are working on networking to establish their presence in the market.

Why is networking important for a personal trainer?

With no employer or strong backbone, a personal trainer has to fight his battle solely. Networking will help others to know about you and build trust in them. You will attract more clients and create a strong client base, which will help you in regular earning. Also, you will become a well-known face in the market if networking is done in the right way.

Networking is important but very complicated. With one wrong step, the output will turn against you. You can either earn it or borrow it, but cannot buy it. You have to gain others’ trust so it will take time and lots of human interaction.

Tips for networking for personal trainers

• You should adopt a broad approach to networking like contacting as many people as possible, even if they are not relevant. You should spend time to achieve a list of acquaintances rather than making long-lasting relationships. Once you get the list, you should find people of your niche and build a connection with them. It will take time but give quality leads.

• You should partner with another trainer to promote yourself and reach the least accessible customers. As compared to personal selling, the positive word of mouth from your partnered trainer or any other trusted source is highly-effective.

• Networking cannot be possible without leaving a note or type of note with the people you interacted with. People might forget you and your words if there is no reminder for them. So you should carry business cards that should include your social media links and website address. With the help of this, your potential customers will look for you.

• Nothing can be better than attending fitness events and clubs in your local area for networking. Not all, but you should only visit the ones that you are interested in. In the event, you will meet like-minded people and establish genuine connections. You should carry your business card at the event.

• Meeting up with people and giving the business card is not enough. You shouldn’t wait for the customers to respond; instead, you should follow up with them after your first meeting. This will help in building a new and strong relationship. Also, you will get away to interact with them.

• You should be honest in your networking. You should follow the “we” approach rather than the “me” approach. It means you should sell yourself but also listen and understand people’s needs. You should provide them with value so that they would love to continue with you.

By now you might have understood the importance of networking in the life of a personal trainer. So follow the networking tips mentioned above and start selling yourself.