5 Positive Eating Habits

5 Positive Eating Habits
about 4 years ago

Find out the 5 positive eating habits that will contribute to your health.

Eating is something we do every day. By now, you have likely developed many eating habits, some may be healthy and some may be not so healthy but it’s never too late to improve your eating habits. Healthy eating is not about strict diet restrictions, being a certain size, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, it’s about feeling great, having more energy, improving your mental health and preventing disease. Below are five positive eating habits that will contribute to your health and wellness!

Eat For The Right Reasons

Eat to satisfy hunger, supply your body with the nutrients needed to stay healthy and have abundant energy. Minimize eating for the wrong reasons such as boredom, stress or emotional eating. Find a healthier way to cope with those feelings such as taking a walk or calling a friend.

Choose Whole Foods First

5 Positive Eating Habits

Successful healthy eaters always choose whole foods first and whole foods account for at least 80% of their diet. Choose fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, (brown rice, oatmeal etc.) healthy fats (nuts & seeds, avocado, olive oil etc.) and lean proteins (poultry, seafood, legumes etc.).

Indulge Carefully

Completely eliminating unhealthy or treat foods that you love of will often set you up to fail when the temptation is too great. If it’s something you crave try to choose the healthiest version of it (for example, dark chocolate over milk) or choose the real deal (full fat dairy over low/no fat) and enjoy a small taste. Don’t keep in the house - you can't eat it if you don’t have it!

Practice Mindful Eating

5 Positive Eating Habits

Eating mindfully means being aware of why you are eating, how you are eating and how you feel after eating. When you sit down to enjoy a meal, ensure you are in a relaxed state since a stressed body does not digest food as well. Taking a few big deep breaths or sipping a peppermint tea can help you relax the digestive system. While you eat, take small bites, chew food well and put down the utensils in between bites. Try to avoid distractions such as using electronics while eating.

Plan Your Meals & Snacks Ahead of Time

5 Positive Eating Habits

When it comes to eating healthy consistently, you cannot just wing it. You truly require a plan to ensure you are successful. Write down your meals ahead of time, taking into consideration events that may impact your ability to cook a healthy meal and choosing a balance of all foods to ensure you obtain all nutrients you need. Make a grocery list and meal prep your food as much as possible to save you time during those busy weeks. Enlisting the help of a meal prep and food delivery service such as MVP MEALS  is an excellent way to stay on track with healthy eating, stress free! We do the shopping, prepping, cooking, portioning and delivering for you. You just eat and enjoy!